Friday 28 November 2014

Ladies Invade Homes in Search of Mah Jongg Sets!   

IsraelSwainAnn M. Israel and Gregg Swain were after private Western mah jongg collections when they invaded many homes during their search, but they aren’t burglars! They are photo-archeologists, and private homes were their dig! Hidden deep in the dark of basements, closets, and attics all over this world are some of the most amazing mah jongg treasures people might never see; tiles carefully hand carved and painted by artisans long forgotten. Like skillful and patient archeologists, Ann M. Israel and Gregg Swain set out to unearth these lost works of art before they are forgotten forever.


‘Full House’: the Solution

altDr. Watson had asked Sherlock Holmes how a hand with as many fans as possible can be constructed. Sherlock answered that he could solve that problem in less time it would take him than smoking half a pipe. Could you - even if you never smoke? Here’s the answer…

Question: Please, construct a hand containing as maximum of different fans.
Answer. Omitting reasoning here is a hand:

Concealed -- altaltaltalt, altaltaltalt, altaltaltaltaltaltalt, after replacing Kong alt comes (last tile from the wall and last tile of a kind):
1. 2= Prevalent Wind
2. 2 = Seat Wind
3. 2*1 = Pung of Terminals or Honors (two occurrences)
4. 16 = Three Concealed Pungs
5. 2 = Double Pung
6. 8 = Two Concealed Kongs
7. 4 = Outside Hand
8. 2 = Tile Hog
9. 1 = One Voided Suit
10. 1 = Closed Wait
11. 4 = Fully Concealed Hand
12. 8 = Out with Replacement Tile
13. 8 = Last Tile Draw
14. 4 = Last Tile
15. 8*1 = Flowers (8 ocurrences, not shown)
Totalling 72 pts on 15 different fans (altogether 23 fans).

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