Saturday 18 April 2015

Cyrille Rak Cracks the Case as the 2015 Sherlock Holmes of Mahjong!


LONDON 17 April 2015 - It was an unsolved mystery that evaded a verdict for ten challenging weeks, while twenty-eight detectives were hot on the trail of clues. In the end, it was elementary, my dear readers. Cyrille Rak solved the most puzzles in the shortest amount of time, awarding him 1st place as the 2015 Sherlock Holmes of Mahjong, followed by Konsta Lensu and Sylvain Malbec.

Congratulations also to Vitaly Novikov, author of the riddles and coordinator of the contest, for his most successful season of mysteries to date, and for a contest excellently done.

A special thanks also to for their generous support of Mahjong News and for the donation of prizes for the top three contestants.



EMA modifies riichi rules


COPENHAGEN - The European Mahjong Association has changed the rules for official riichi tournaments. For the better part, the modifications are not of major importance; most striking novelty is the change of the uma (a bonus or penalty for the players at the end of a session). 

According to EMA president Tina Christensen, the rules have been revised in order to avoid ambiguities. Scoring examples have been added for clarity. Double yakuman (a limit score) has been omitted except for Big Four Winds and rules on etiquette and tournament play have been added.

The uma used to be 9,000 points for the winner of a hanchan, 3,000 for the player number 2, minus 3,000 points for the player number three and minus 9,000 points for the last players. These figures have been changed to +30,000, +10,000, -10,000 and -30,000.

Some players will regret that the old-fashioned opening ritual should have vanished, including the status off being 'temporary East'.

Especially for novices to the game, the scoring examples are very interesting. 

Download the new EMA riichi rules

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1Friday, 10 February 2012 14:36
If the red 5s would be removed and open tanyao allowed the rules would be even better.
But i appreciate the current changes cuz they minimize the luck factor a bit.
2Saturday, 11 February 2012 17:16
Senechal Duhaut
Bunta's comment, while pertinent (especially in the light of Europe wanting to organize a world championship, seeking support from leagues with open tanyao), is far from happening any time soon.

To shorten my point, kuitan-nashi Mahjong is like Formula 1 racing with 3 tires. It's probably a great learning exercise (good) that they turned into the only form of testing (bad). If that was the only problem, most people could live with that. The bigger problem for EMA Mahjong is their tolerance for a type of call that would be considered cheating anywhere else: tolerating the pick-and-switch for the same tile. (chi 78+9, throw nine; pon 11+1, throw one)

For a WC-Riichi event to succeed, that last point needs to be addressed once and for all. As for the rest of the rules, it will most likely be a take it or leave it scenario. There's nothing we can do about it.
3Monday, 13 February 2012 14:23
Sylvain Malbec
JPML rule A is kuikae ari too, and even if you can you'll rarely "pick-and-switch" anyway, so that would not be much a problem.

IMO, kuitan nashi will be the most problematic point for a world championship.
4Tuesday, 14 February 2012 09:48
Benjamin Boas
Finally! ^_^
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