Sunday 25 September 2016

Chris Redmond rules on the last Golden Dragon

Eveline Broers (left) and Chris RedmondNIJMEGEN - The Dutch players did very well on the Golden Dragon Jubilee Tournament, concluded today in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. But they could not really threaten the position of the 'German Englishman' Chris Redmond. He won all his tables in the first five rounds of the prestigious tournament, so it was no problem for him at all to score just 2 table points in the last round.

Still, the Dutch did very well. Runner-up was Ida van der Bij. She received the well-known Golden Dragon Challenge Trophey, which bore her name already since she won the Golden Dragon Tournament also in 2003 (be it with the Hong Kong Mahjong rules at the time).

The third place was for Gertjan Davies. He is the current riichi mahjong champion of the Netherlands, as well as the winner of the Dutch championship Chinese Classical Mahjong ('Dutch Tournament Rules'). Besides Ida and Gertjan, there were three more Dutch players in the top-ten: Jaap Croeze on number 4, his wife Marianne Croeze on number 6, and Gert van der Vegt on 5th position.

Silke Bansemer was the best German player on number 7; last year Silke was the runner-up. Frauke Roos of Germany also did quite well with her 10th place. Pál Halász from Hungary, who was summoned on the very last moment because another player cancelled his subscription, ended on position number 8. Laurent Mahé from France ended on the number 9 position. 108 players participated in the Golden Dragon Tournament, the largest regular mahjong tournament in Europe, which is being organized for the tenth and last time.

Martin RepIn his opening speech, organizer Martin Rep emphasized the importance of friendly rules. "This is the Friendly Golden Dragon Tournament, and everyone here knows how a friendly game goes. That’s how it went when you decided to play mahjong because you liked the game so much." The players welcomed this statement by applauding for it. Martin Rep and Sjef Strik are strong opponents of the rigid regulations which, according to them, threaten to spoil the atmosphere of friendship on many tournaments where the Mahjong Competition rules are applied.

Big cheers on closing ceremony

Pictures of the last Golden Dragon

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