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Jeju Island Is A Beautiful Setting For The Fourth World MCR Mahjong Championship in November

Jeju Island

JEJU, South Korea - The fourth iteration of the MCR World Mahjong Championship, as hosted by the World Mahjong Organization, will be held this November on Jeju Island, South Korea.


Gemma Collinge Beams At First Victory

Best three in Hanover 2009HANOVER (Germany) - One year ago, Gemma Collinge - she is from the UK, but she lives in Germany actually - was in Hanover for the first time, to participate in the European Riichi Mahjong Championship 2008. At the time, she could not fulfill the great expectations some people had of her as a staff columnist of ReachMahjong.Com: she was 71st in the field of 80 players.

But today, at the First German Riichi Open, a.k.a. the Phenix Tournament, Gemma ruled - or she just was plain lucky, but anyway: she was doing just great. She won two of her four tables; one with a baiman: a winning hand, worth 8~10 fan - and in the ones which she did not win, she scored enough points to make her the winner, with a total score of 87,500.

Behind Gemma, a German couple stood on the victory stand. Michael Zaradnik was the runner-up (with 78,400 points), while his girl-friend Nadine König ended on the third place with 70,000 points. Being the best German player, Michael was also honoured as the first German Riichi Mahjong Champion.

There were 48 competitors in the Hanover Jazz Club. Just like the players, Ilka Stummeyer was very satisfied about the tournament as well as the location. So she promised the players that the second European Riichi Championship, which will  take place next year in Hanover, will also be held in the Jazz Club.

Martin Rep's Hanover Diary

Read Gemma's blog on ReachMahjong.Com

Updated EMA Riichi Mahjong Ranking List

Final results of the first German Open Riichi Mahjong Championship (Phenix Tournament)

Hanover, Germany, May 23rd, 2009

Ranking First name Last name Nat.Minipoints
1 Gemma Collinge GBR 87500
2 Michael Zahradnik GER 78400
3 Nadine König GER 70000
4 Ma Prem Sohana NED 59400
5 Marianne Croeze NED 57800
6 Matthias Köhler GER 52800
7 Frank Rostved DEN 50700
8 Björn Schulz GER 47500
9 Sjef Strik NED 40200
10 Anneke Keyl NED 37700
11 Jesper W. Hansen DEN 35200
12 Philipp Scharpf GER 31600
13 Morten Andersen DEN 26500
14 Alexander Doppelhofer AUS 25600
15 Stefanie Duhme GER 21900
16 Tobias Klüpfel GER 18600
17 Gerard Strik Sr. NED 16800
18 Robert Rijnders NED 11800
19 Dicky Rep NED 9500
20 Sandra van de Berkt NED 8900
21 Sebastian Kemper GER 8700
22 Martin Rep NED 3500
23 Paula Pereira Gomes POR 3200
24 Maurice Demmer NED -5800
25 Tomonori Shirakawa JAP -7400
26 Jaap Croeze NED -10000
27 Andreas Pistek GER -10800
28 Wolfgang Franke GER -12000
29 Ton Rijnders NED -12200
30 Chris Scheffler NED -12900
31 Robert Sjöblom SWE -15600
32 Sebastian Scharpf GER -17900
33 Andreas Maier GER -20800
34 Marianne Strik NED -23300
35 Wai Kan Tsang GBR -24100
36 Ans Hoogland NED -24200
36 Frauke Roos GER -24200
38 Diana van de Wetering NED -26200
39 Marjan Demmer NED -31100
40 Gertjan Davies NED -32200
41 Tobias Buchholz GER -35000
42 Sam Bridge GBR -43700
43 Yannick Baron GER -47400
44 Cor Hoogland NED -51100
45 Sebastian Powell GBR -63900
46 Dimphy van Grinsven NED -64000
47 Conny Scheffler NED -77100
48 Silke Bansemer GER -110900

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Martin Collinge
I'm Gemma's Dad and I'm very proud of her.
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