Kyoichiru Noguchi

He founded the first mahjong museum in the world. He stimulated the realization of international mahjong rules. Now, Kyoichiro Noguchi has passed away in the age of 76.


Juho at the European Riichi Championship, Hanover 2008.

HELSINKI - They said he won large sums of money by playing poker on line. I do not know if it is true. But I do know that mahjong was a passion for Juho Pakarinen from Finland, And now, quite unexpectedly, he is no more. Last month, December 2008, he was found dead.


It is just incredible.


Frans Roquas

HANOVER, Germany - During the opening ceremony of the first European Riichi Mahjong Championship, co-organiser Martin Rep commemorated Frans Roquas, who had passed away.