KHARKIV, Ukraine - Sergiy Samarskyi has won the Riichi Ukrainian Open.

Top-3 in the Russian Open 2016.

MOSCOW, Russia -- Moscow hosted the largest national riichi championship in Europe, the V Russian Riichi Open 2016 which gathered 88 players from Russia, England, Japan and Belarus. New riichi champion of Russia is Nikita Perov from Moscow.

Top-3 in Bratislava.

BRATISLAVA  - Konsta Lensu wins the Bratislava Riichi Open with 79,200, followed by Daina Chiba with 75,600, and Móza Juraj with 56,600.

The winner: Charles McDonell.

SAN FRANCISCO - Charles McDonell wins the largest riichi tournament yet to be staged in the Americas, hosted by the Pacific Mahjong League. In all, fifty-two players came from the United States, Canada, and Japan to participate. Players during the competition were treated to the excellent luxury of playing on automatic mahjong tables.

Gemma Sakamoto’s parents (right) acting as one substitute player during the first day of the German Riichi Open. Left John Kuijpers from the Netherlands.

HANOVER, Germany - Mathias Köhler from Germany today has won the German Riichi Open 2016. Frauke Roos was the runner-up, Alexander Doppelhofer ended in third position.