Podium of the tournament.

WARSAW - It was all - strong - Polish players, today in the Warsaw Mahjong Taikai. And of them, Mateusz Woźniak was the strongest.

Lena Weinguny, Jennifer Krawarik and Manuel Tomisser (from left).

GRAZ, Austria  - Manuel Tomisser takes home the first prize in the 2016 Graz tournament, followed by Jenifer Krawarik in second position, and Lena Weinguny finishing as third.

Podium of the Chuuren Potos Mahjong Tournament.

MARSEILLE, France - Alexis Azoulai today has won the Marseille Open Riichi 2016. He was followed by Jessica Henry and Guillaume Colom.


Morten Andersen

LINKÖPING - Morten Anderson of Denmark has won the 2016 Swedish Riichi Open with 108.2 points, followed by Stefan Persson of Sweden with 86.4, and Daina Chiba of the UK with 81.4. 


Top-3 at Oss, Holland: Ad van der Linden, Eveline Broers, Janco Onnink.

OSS, the Netherlands - Eveline Broers wins the 2016 Sakura Tournament with 99.2 points, followed closely by Ad van der Linden with 91.5, and Janco Onnink in 3rd position with 89.4.