LONDON - The race continues! Twenty seven contestants from seven countries compete for prizes. Let's take a look at ranking in Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mysteries Solving Contest after mystery #7 -- very easy one.

Question: Please, provide all four hands under conditions:

  • hands before passing of tiles do not have any ready three-tile sets (Chow or Pung),
  • group of passed tiles consisted strictly of three Bamboo, three Characters, three Dots, three different Honor tiles,
  • there are no Flowers in hands,
  • : main (maximum of points) fan for all four hands is strictly the same,
  • : main (maximum of points) fan for all four hands is strictly different, sum of points of main fans of all four hands is maximal.

Note: Waiting hands for determining main fan are considered to be completed by adding appropriate waiting tile.

 Question: For each of the following four types of hand structure, please, determine the maximum value for the hand (without flowers):

  • "Seven Pairs"
  • "Thirteen Orphans"
  • "Lesser/Greater Honors and Knitted Tiles"
  • "Semi-Regular" (three knitted sequences of "Knitted Straight", Chow / Pung / Kong and a Pair)

Prizes generously provided by the publishers of Mahjong Collector Magazine, and by Holiday Mahjong Online.

The Dueling Pistols by Ilya Repin (1899) at the State Historical Museum, Moscow

Current mystery starts story of opposition of Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty at the latest London MCR Championship. Key deals and techniques will be highligted and discussed.

Our foursome gathered to play mahjong at Baker Street 221 B. The wall is built and broken, tiles are dealt. And then Dr. Watson says:

"According to newspaper "Mahjong News" rules of mahjong game vary in different countries. For instance, what an amazing rule called the "Charleston" is in American mahjong. The essence of it is that before the game players pass three unwanted tiles to some other player and do that several times."