ONLINE - The Russian Federation wins the Team Competition, runner-up is Ukraine, while Sweden takes the third position. Ukrainian Sergey Ignatov is the highest scoring player, Shaun Drury from Great Britain comes in second, and Canadian Simon Chen secures third place.

On the 5th of November the first part in the annual International Online Riichi Mahjong Championship ("IORMC") took place: the Team Competition. Besides the live stream provided by Tenhou, various players broadcast their match on their personal Twitch channel (with a few minutes delay). Both participants and viewers were taken with the impressive debut of the Ukrainian team.

Results Team Competition IORMC2017, Tenhou/Online

Place Team Points
1 Russian Federation 214.6
2 Ukraine 186.3
3 Sweden 102.2
4 Japan 92.4
5 People's Republic of China 85.0
6 Republic of Korea 59.0
7 United States of America 53.8
8 France 30.7
9 Canada 18.5
10 Vietnam 17.4
11 Indonesia -25.1
12 Great Britain -104.6
13 Singapore -155.8
14 Austria -156.9
15 Chinese Taipei -171.5
16 Poland -246.0

Tomorrow, on the 19th of November, the second part of this online challenge will take place: the Individual Competition. The sixteen best scoring players in the Team Competition will go head to head in four hanchan. Like previous editions the tournament format is a knock-out system: after the first hanchan only the two best players from each table will go to the semi-final; the two highest scoring players of each of the two tables in the semi-final will advance to the final (two hanchan).

Top 16 Individual Ranking - Participants Individual Competition IORMC2017, Tenhou/Online

Place Name Tenhou ID Country Points
1 Sergey Ignatov ssign UKR 155.8
2 Shaun Drury Buffalo7 GBR 151.1
3 Simon Chen Khold CAN 128.6
4 Zhou Lulu soraru CHN 118.3
5 Vlad Plyasunov =) RUS 115.0
6 Karolina Trepinska Karolcia FRA 110.5
7 kabucha かぶ茶 JAP 104.4
8 Tryanoto Sehat Santoso MMC IDN 87.4
9 Alexander Shirshov Shirshov RUS 85.9
10 Karl-Edward Ekeblad Lindskog SWE 81.1
11 Boris Moroz クマモンさん UKR 80.5
12 George Liu-Krason xGeo USA 77.6
13 Dominik Hammerl enryu_ AUT 74.0
14 Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh kiliside VNM 73.8
15 Vadim Chechin Abilion RUS 70.2
16 Woo-Jin Choi cutieboy KOR 68.6

The complete individual ranking (including information on individual hanchan) can be found here:

Pairing/seating Individual Competition:

Watch the Individual Competition live on Tenhou ( on Sunday November the 19th at 11:00 AM UTC (12:00 PM CET)!


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