Timur Hahn (GER)

BADEN, Austria - Mahjong News correspondent Alexander Doppelhofer has calculated cumulative player performance in European tournaments throughout 2017, combining performances in both MCR and riichi competitions. Timur Hahn from Germany, who was 3rd best in last year's overall ranking, moves up two spots to #1 best overall European mahjong player for the cumulative year 2017, followed by Eveline Broers from the Netherlands in at #2, and Ad Van der Linden of the Netherlands in at #3.

2017 Year of the Rooster


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X,99 points in MCR Table Points? 

In the results of MCR tournaments in Italy, often an number in the total of table points is displayed which ends with x,99. According to the MCR rules, this is not possible. When, in MCR tournaments, two players end with the same number of mini-points, they share their table points, which always ends in a figure which ends on x,5.

Marco Montebelli, president of the Italian Mahjong Federation (FIMJ), explains that this is the result of playing with three players at one table. Often, in Italian tournaments, players subscribe on site, so it is not always possible to make all tables of four.

For this, FIMJ has introduced the following rule (only in national tournaments without an EMA MERS rating).

To avoid a result of 4-2-1 table points, a ‘morto’, dead player, is inserted in the first gap of at least 100 mini-points. E.g., when the three players score 150, -50 and -100 mini-points, they will receive 5 (3.99), 1, 0 table points. If they score 100, 0, -100, they will get 4 (3.99), 1.5 (tied with the dead player) and 0 table points.

In this situation there still is an advantage for the winner of the table though. So, if there is a ‘tiebreak’ between players with the same number of table-points, the winners of the tables with three players, who had less players to beat, will receive 3.99 table points instead of 4.

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