(left to right) Nikita Tkachenko (2nd), Liudmila Gainulina (1st), Vlad Plyasunov (3rd)

MOSCOW, The Russian Federation - Seemingly effortlessly, Liudmila Gainulina won the first "Moscow Open Riichi Marathon" (No RERS), with 323,900 points. Runner-up is Nikita Tkachenko with 232,700 points, and in third position Vladislav Plyasunov with 224,800 points.

Just a few weeks ago, three players from Moscow snatched up the awards at the "Prague Open Riichi Tournament" (RERS2), a 24-hours riichi marathon session. Being part of a group of roughly fifteen friends who enjoy playing riichi all night long during the weekends, it doesn't come as a big surprise they wanted to recreate the Prague experience. Organizers Marina Belousova, Olga Proskuriakova, Alexey Leontyev and Sergey Petrushchenko considered it an experiment, and expected a small number of local players to register. But similar to the Prague tournament, interest skyrocketed and soon not only players from Moscow signed up, but also from Saint Petersburg, Perm, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Sarov and Simferopol.

Trying to concentrate while staying awake...

Tea House

The location of the first Russian riichi marathon tournament was local venue 'DAO Tea House', the place where monthly mahjong tournaments and weekly mahjong classes take place. Over the course of exactly twenty-four hours, the thirty-six competitors didn't just play thirteen hanchan, they also enjoyed dinner together and were treated to a tea ceremony (the latter not once, not twice, but three times!). While the majority of players had previously participated in numerous EMA certified tournaments, some of them had only competed in local club tournaments. Among them winner Liudmila Gainulina from Moscow.

A short video clip of the tournament can be viewed here.

Group photo of all players and organizers

Final Results of the Moscow Open Riichi Marathon (Riichi, No RERS), Moscow

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Liudmila Gainulina RUS 323900
2 Nikita Tkachenko RUS 232700
3 Vladislav Plyasunov RUS 224800
4 Elena Goryacheva RUS 216900
5 Olga Proskuriakova RUS 205000
6 Andrey Shifrin RUS 155200
7 Arslan Mandjiev RUS 155200
8 Vladimir Nadanian RUS 142000
9 Oxana Vyshivannaya RUS 122700
10 Dmitry Sirotkin RUS 119800
11 Leon Nikolaev RUS 97100
12 Ramil Usmanov RUS 85300
13 Mikhail Lugovkin RUS 62200
14 Alexey Leontyev RUS 56400
15 Liubov Mishakova RUS 24700
16 Egor Zhevlenev RUS 23300
17 Sergey Aleshin RUS 6100
18 Ivan Martynov RUS -12200
19 Yuriy Telegin RUS -55700
20 Dmitriy Volodin RUS -55800
21 Valentina Sviridova RUS -57400
22 Vladislav Mamin RUS -64300
23 Viktor Grishin RUS -70800
24 Natalia Uskova RUS -77000
25 Viktor Smolentsev RUS -83100
26 Sergey Hudyakov RUS -91400
27 Vadim Chechin RUS -95700
28 Anna Petrova RUS -103700
29 Vladimir Bogdanov RUS -115600
30 Oleg Abrashkin RUS -122500
31 Nikita Kretov RUS -142700
32 Oleg Kim RUS -157400
33 Maria Bokhan RUS -226000
34 Sergey Petruschenko RUS -261600
35 Pavel Lopashov RUS -263500
36 Andrey Elshankin RUS -271500

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