MOSCOW, Russia -- At the end of April, the first ever book on MCR mahjong in Russian has been published in Moscow. The author of the book "Handbook on Mahjong Competition Rules. Beginner’s Guide" is Vitaly Novikov, the same author as of the recently held Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mysteries Contest hosted on Mahjong News.

The book will help readers learn how to play Mahjong Competition Rules, serving as an MCR tutorial for beginners and intermediate players. The book can also be useful for persons who already play mahjong by different rules who want to expand their knowledge of mahjong.

There are three chapters and fourteen lessons in the book. The material of each chapter is presented in the sequence of: a brief description of the content of the chapter, table of contents, list of tables, pictures, diagrams, terms definitions, and then lessons. At the end of each chapter can be found a multiple-choice test and problems in the sections entitled “Test yourself”.

The book is in Russian, printed on B5 format (176 x 250 mm), 116 pages, and available bound in a soft cover.

"I hope that the group of mahjong enthusiasts can meet during the upcoming OEMC 2017 to explore the possibility of publishing the book or its parts in English some day", says Vitaly Novikov.


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