Mrs. Gemma Sakamoto showing off the brand new book.

TOKYO, Japan - JPML player Mrs. Jenn Barr has shared information is releasing a new book. "The Riichi Mahjong Pro-spective", published by Reach Spirits Inc., will be available on Kindle next week, however participants of the upcoming "World Riichi Championship" will have the opportunity to purchase a hardcopy at the tournament venue.

After the success of "A Riichi Mahjong Study Book" (2013),, the company owned by Mrs. Gemma Sakamoto, Mrs. Jenn Barr and Mr. Garthe Nelson, is releasing another book suited to riichi players. Mrs. Jenn Barr paints a picture what readers can look forward to: "The book is a collections of essays by pros, with a WWYD [What Would You Do?, ed] between each essay." Featured players are (in non alphabetical order): Gemma Sakamoto, Kotaro Uchikawa, Kauro Aisawa, Shinya Mita, Yurika Aoi, Hisato Sasaki, Kaori Shimizu, Masato Sarukawa, Nao Ogasahara, Sanshiro Oba, Hiroshi Yamai and others. Mrs. Sakamoto recommends to start the book by reading first "Up Close And Personal" by Sumire Fujii.

Participants of the upcoming "World Riichi Championship" are the first to get their hands on a hardcopy; the Kindle edition will be released next week. At this moment the retail price is unknown to the public.