MOSCOW, Russia - In August 2018, the second book on MCR mahjong has been published in Russian in Moscow. The author of the book "Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong" is Vitaly Novikov, the same author of the first book published a year ago "Handbook on Mahjong Competition Rules. Beginner’s Guide".

In 2009-2017 Vitaly Novikov created the "Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mysteries" series. Fifty of these are presented in the book. Translated into English, these mahjong mysteries were used in three international Mahjong Mysteries Contests "Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong" in 2013-2017 in the independent Internet newspaper "Mahjong News".

The book "Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong" is recommended by the Mahjong International League and the Russian Mahjong Federation as supplementary learning material for studying MCR mahjong. It is in Russian, printed on B5 format (176 x 250 mm), 118 pages, and available bound in a soft cover.

New Sherlock contest

"It looks like that new Sherlock Mahjong Mysteries Contest can start at the beginning of 2019", says Vitaly Novikov.


A here is a link to the article about first Vitaly Novikov's book "Handbook on Mahjong Competition Rules. Beginner’s Guide". 


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