Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Inspector Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson decided to play mahjong. When three gentlemen entered the room, they found Mrs. Hudson doing something very strange.

Mrs. Hudson threw two dice twice, and then counted the tiles, and then pulled out some of them from the wall, turned them to look at them, sighed and returned them back into the wall.

SherlockDiscardsNot for the first time Sherlock Holmes with his friend and colleague Dr. Watson went away for a long time chasing London’s criminals, which gave Mrs. Hudson an opportunity to play in the MCR London Championship. The two gentlemen are now home again, both having returned safely, and the pair are reading in “MahjongNews”:

“Mrs. Hudson happened to win the MCR London Championship by accident, which may be called a “Full Flush Accident”.

Here are details of what has happened.

SherlockTileOur foursome, Holmes, Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and Inspector Lestrade are playing mahjong at 221-B Baker Street. At some point, Mrs. Hudson, looking at her next tile (drawn or claimed) says to herself, "I can make 4 of the 5 possible declarations with this one tile," and then she announces loudly to everyone "Hu!"

During morning coffee, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are reading "MahjongNews" on their tablet PCs about the recently held MCR Championship of London.

"The championship took place without any incidents," reads Watson, "not counting two appeals from Mrs. Hudson, who was able to get first place! Remarkably, both appeals relate to the same rule; paragraph 1.9. of  MERS Tournament Regulations - Mahjong Competition Rules".  After Mrs. Hudson's convincing arguments, the judge ruled both times in her favor.

Sherlock wormInvertebrates

Before attending her scheduled evening game of mahjong at 221-B Baker Street, Mrs. Hudson tried to escape from her daily worries. She went to the nearest library and found an atlas describing the animal kingdom. While browsing this text, she especially liked the section on invertebrates -- sponges, worms, insects, etc.