AMSTERDAM/MOSCOW – “It was good to be confronted with remarkable mahjong situations”, says Sylvain Malbec, winner of Mahjong News’s Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mystery competition. “It was a very interesting contest”


shThe actual ranking in the Sherlock Holmes Contest. So far, fourteen contestants have submitted their solutions. For all solutions there is an opportunity to get 1 SH points () for ’early submission’.

logoThe very last ‘Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mystery’. For the top players in the Sherlock Holmes Ranking this is the decisive one. And, be warned: a tough one…

logoThere is a chance that there will be a tiebreak in Mahjong News’s Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mystery Contest. In that case, the date and time of sending in the solution, will be the decisive factor. Thus has been decided upon advice of Sherlock Holmes author Vitaly Novikov.

logoWatson went somewhere away on business. Sherlock was sitting in the living room, reading and drinking coffee, puffing his pipe. Mrs. Hudson, using the break, decided to study more thoroughly the structural features of many-point one-suited fans.