During traditional Sunday mahjong game at Baker Street 221 B, and after declaring "Hu," Lestrade started to list his fans.

"How interesting, Holmes," said Watson. "I see that one specific tile enters many fans."

LONDON - The race comes to the very end. Twenty seven contestants from seven countries compete for prizes. Let's take a look at ranking in Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mysteries Solving Contest after mystery #9. Please, take a note on shifting of starting time for the last mystery.

By the final session of the London MCR Championship, Professor Moriarty has taken the first position with a tremendous lead of 4 table points and 100 game points above second place, who is Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock can win the championship only under the rarest of circumstances: Sherlock must win his last table, and Moriarty must lose it. Luckily for Holmes, the two meet at the same table.


Question (): Please, provide hands of Sherlock Holmes and Mrs. Hudson under condition that both hands are waiting for any discarded by Moriarty Dragon tile:  or . Each correct hand will be scored for .

Question (): Please, provide two melded Chows of Sherlock's hand which made potentially dangerous to discard all nine tiles in Moriarty's hand. In other words, any of tiles  or  can be used in Chow which creates with two exposed Chows 16-points fan "Pure Shifted Chows".

Prizes generously provided by the publishers of Mahjong Collector Magazine, and by Holiday Mahjong Online.