A new Sherlock Holmes mystery!

The great detective returned with tobacco and looked at the 15-different fan solution (see 15-fan-solution) shown by Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson.

Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson are sitting in the lounge at Baker Street 221 B.

Holmes asks Dr. Watson: “There are 81 fans in MCR rules. It is very interesting how many different fans one can place in a winning hand.”

Two Sherlock Holmes miniatures by Vitaly Novikov published on the same date. They were not too difficult (that's why they are called 'miniatures' for in the first place).

altA new Sherlock Holmes Mystery. When should you stop to try and make mahjong and when should you continue?

A new problem of Mrs. Hudson's. The last time, she had to win before the three gentlemen she played against (see ‘Mrs. Hudson’s Problem’), since her winning hand had the regular structure 3-3-3-3-2. Now she makes a vow not to collect even a pair in a hand.