HolmesDid you, or did you not, solve the previous Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mystery? You can check the right answer here. Today, we present a new problem.

Sherlock HolmesLast mystery ‘Mrs. Hudson's Problem’ turned out to be a real tough one to solve. Today we offer you a much easier mini-mystery of ‘paramahjong’. Please, try to solve it but ... don't push hard and have fun!

(The solution to Mrs. Hudson's Problem is published here. Please check also Adrie van Geffen's answers!)

Remember: you can find all of Vitaly's contributions here. (In the Extra menu, please click 'Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mysteries'.)

Vitaly_NovikovDear readers! Let's meet Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Inspector Lestrade and others while playing game of mahjong and solving cases. The series "Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong" would be consisting of MCR mahjong problems and miniatures mostly ‘all around mahjong’ (‘paramahjong’). Let's start with two miniatures.


Mr. Wan Tao, what should I discard?

After Mrs. Hudson was told that "Chi"+"Hua"+"Hua" was not a breed of dog, Wan Tao offered to Mrs. Hudson to play mahjong.

Vitaly Novikov

Who is Vitaly Novikov, the Russian mahjong player who is fascinated so much by Sherlock Holmes? Let's have him introduced in his own words.