During traditional Sunday mahjong game at Baker Street 221 B, and after declaring "Hu," Lestrade started to list his fans.

"How interesting, Holmes," said Watson. "I see that one specific tile enters many fans."

"Yes, you are right, Watson," answered Holmes. "I would say there are two types of "entries" -- let's call it with this word. The tile may enter fan as a constituent part like in "Pure Double Chow" or "Tile Hog". Alternatively, some fan may apply to the whole hand like in "All Green" or "All Pungs". That entry may be considered as indirect."

"Anyway, what is the maximum number of entries for one tile into a winning hand?" questioned Mrs. Hudson.

Question: Please, provide a hand and a tile which enters as many fans for this hand as possible, either directly or indirectly.

Note: Two to four entries will be scored for , five to seven entries will be scored for , eight or above entries will be scored for .