(from left) Swedish Champion Emma Fahlström (2nd), Marco Montebelli (1st), Astrid Dubedout (3rd) (photo credit: Annika Ridell)

UPPSALA, Sweden - Veteran player Marco Montebelli from Italy wins the "Swedish Open MCR Championship" (MERS) scoring 20 table points and 451 mini points. Runner-up is "Best Swede" Emma Fahlström with 19 table points and 522 mini points, and in third comes French Astrid Dubedout scoring 17 table points and 141 mini points.

Song Panjing (middle) is keeping a keen eye on her opponents (photo credit: Li Wenlong)

BEIJING, China - With the second iteration of the "World Mahjong Sports Games", organized by the 'Mahjong International League', rapidly approaching, multiple tournaments worldwide are acting as a qualifier. One of those tournaments is the "Association Cup Open" in Beijing. The event has already commenced and interested parties can view the players LIVE.


Reports of the World Mahjong Championship (MCR) 2012 in Chongqing, China. With kind cooperation of Adrie van Geffen, Jeroen Meijer, Wil-Meijer-Kal and Lars Therkelsen.


The first World Mahjong Championship (MCR) after the foundation of the World Mahjong Organisation (WMO): Chengdeu, China, 2007

The first ever World Champion in Mahjon (MCR): Tokyo, 2002