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Cédric Aguerre Lord Of The Manor In Pont-Château

(from left) Sandra Berthommier (2nd), Cédric Aguerre (1st), Sven-Hendrik Gutsche (3rd) (photo credit: Anna Canova Punitier)

PONT-CHÂTEAU, France - Cédric Aguerre wins the "West Castle Tournament 2018" (MERS) scoring 26 table points and 1235 mini-points. Sandra Berthommier trails with 25 table points and 950 mini-points, and Sven-Hendrik Gutsche lands the third spot with 22 table points and 1014 mini-points.

Danil Shatokhin Claims Victory In First Kyiv Riichi Open

(from left) Oleksandr Chernenko (3rd), Danil Shatokhin (1st), Boris Moroz (2nd), organizer Maksym Ivanov (photo credit: Sergey Ignatov)

KYIV, Ukraine - After two days and eight hanchan Danil Shatokhin claims victory in the "Kyiv Riichi Open 2018" (no RERS) scoring 110,900 points, followed by Boris Moroz with 105,400 points, and Oleksandr Chernenko, winner at the "Kharkiv Open 2017", with 97,600 points.

Nailbiter Copenhagen For Aleksei Shpilman

(from left) Romain Herdier (2nd), Aleksei Shpilman (1st), Jean-Louis Barbet (3rd) (photo credit: Anna Shpilman)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Russian all-round player Aleksei Shpilman wins the "MCR Open Danish Championship 2018" (MERS) scoring 31 table points and 971 mini-points. Romain Herdier from France scores an equal amount of table points as his fellow countryman Jean-Louis Barbet (29), but separates himself from his opponent by a tiny gap of two mini-points.

Ironclad Zsolt Nyulasi Hammers Down Red Dragon

(from left) Magdolna Bogárné Nagy (2nd), Zsolt Nyulasi (1st), Eti Palczer-Aschenbrenner (3rd) (photo credit: Klára Takácsné Löwinger)

DUNAÚJVÁROS, Hungary - After four sessions Zsolt Nyulasi wins the "Red Dragon Tournament 2018" aka "Dunaújváros Open 2018" (MERS) scoring 14 table points and 495 mini-points. Runner-up is Magdolna Bogárné Nagy with 14 table points and 430 mini-points, followed by Eti Palczer-Aschenbrenner, who scores 13 table points and 671 mini-points.

Gentlemen Outperformed Ladies At Perm Haru Shanten 2018

Group photo at Perm Haru Shanten 2018.

PERM, Russia - For the second time Perm hosted EMA riichi tournament in "Siberia" zone. Like half year ago again seventy-two players from thirteen cities of Russia competed in the first ever three-day riichi tournament. Despite the fact that 40% of players were female players all top places have been occupied by males. The winner of this twelve-session event is Vladimir Zayakin, runner-up is Kirill Penkin, 3rd place is taken by Leonid Rogozin, all players are from Perm! The best female Elena Shalimova from Perm, chief organiser of the event, is at 12th position. As a side-event EMA riichi seminar took place prior to the tournament having brought 8 new EMA certified referees to the referees pool.

Angélo Maolet Leaves No Room For Confusion In Rennes

(from left) Damien Aunis (2nd), Angélo Maolet (1st), Sandra Berthommier (3rd) (photo credit: Karolina Trepinska)

RENNES, France - Angélo Maolet makes his re-entrance to the French riichi tournament circuit by winning the "Breizh Mahjong Tournament 2018" (RERS) scoring 113,600 points, followed by Damien Aunis with 91,500 points and Sandra Berthommier with 75,000 points.

Sergey Tsyvinski Emerges Victorious From Brno's Cold War Bunker

(from left) Dominik Hammerl (2nd), Sergey Tsyvinshi (1st), Roman Powęzka (3rd) (photo credit: Łukasz Grzybowski)

BRNO, Czechia - Sergey Tsyvinski (Сергей Цывинский) from Belarus, winner of the "Warsaw Mahjong Taikai 2017", emerges victorious at the first "Brno Riichi Championship" (RERS), scoring a staggering number of 212,900 points. Austrian player Dominik Hammerl, runner-up at the "Vienna Riichi Open 2018", trails with 132,200 points, and Roman Powęzka from Poland claims third position, scoring 103,300 points.

Osamu Kumagai Wins Kyoto Cherry Blossom Cup

(from left) Kimito Kugimiya (2nd), Osamu Kumagai (1st), Masako Ito (3rd), organizer Koji Idota (photo credit: Bernard Ang)

KYOTO, Japan - After eight sessions over the course of two days Osamu Kumagai (熊谷 修) wins the "京都桜杯 2018" ("Kyoto Cherry Blossom Cup 2018") scoring 26 table points and 984 mini-points. Runner-up is Kimito Kugimiya (釘宮 公人) with 21 table points and 627 mini-points, followed by Masako Ito (伊藤 雅子), who scores an equal amount of table points but less mini-points (a total of 285). Yasuhiro Kitaura (北浦 康弘), winner of the previous edition, secures an honorable fourth spot.

Masahiro Yaehata Takes Control At DFW Mahjong Riichi Open

Winner Masahiro Yaehata showing off his trophy. (photo credit: @LAPoM2)

Grapevine, Texas/USA - After a fierce battle on the second day Masahiro Yaehata wins the "Dallas Fort Worth Mahjong Riichi Open" (no RERS), bumping Tina Koshimoto, who was in the lead after the first day, to the second position. Hirotaka Takeuchi claims third place, followed by David Bresnick in fourth.

Marco Foschi And Qian Vollmann-Gao Rule Gemona

(from left) Norbert Tschinkel (2nd), Marco Foschi (1st), Valentina Morigi (3rd)

GEMONA, Italy - Marco Foschi wins the "Gourmet Cup II" (MERS) scoring 21 table points and 1038 mini-points, followed by Norbert Tschinkel with 19 table points and 558 mini-points, and Valentina Morigi with an equal amount of table points and 339 mini-points. Qian Vollmann wins the Gourmet Cup 2018 since she has the best accumulated results in the combined Italian-Austrian competition. 


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