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Day Two of the Austrian Open starts off with Timur Hahn in the lead

GURK, Austria - Day two of the "Austrian Open" aka "Sisi Cup Volume II" (MERS) starts off with German player Timur Hahn in the lead scoring 14 table points and a staggering 926 mini-points, followed by Italian Marco Montebelli with 13 table points and 543 mini-points, while Alexander Doppelhofer from hosting country Austria trails in third place scoring 12 table points and 631 mini-points.

Chinese Family Dominates At X MCR Russian Open

Left to right: Petr Maniakhin (3rd and new Russian champion), Zhou Guijun (winner), Song Panjing (2nd).

MOSCOW, Russia - X MCR Russian Open 2018 set new record in terms of participation, it brought together sixty players from three countries and seven cities of Russia. The new Russian MCR champion, Petr Maniakhin from Saint Petersburg was only 3rd while first two places were taken by two Chinese female players, Zhou Guijun and Song Panjing, mother and her daughter.

First Spanish Riichi Open For Paola Bungaro

(from left) Nick Dyer (2nd), Paola Bungaro (1st), Sergey Petrushchenko (3rd) (photo credit: Ana Pérez)

VALENCIA, Spain - Forty-eight players from fourteen countries flocked to the city of Valencia to compete in the first "Spanish Riichi Open" (RERS). After eight round-robin hanchan Paola Bungaro representing the United Kingdom takes first prize scoring 147,300 points, followed by fellow countryman Nick Dyer with 132,600 points, while Russian player Sergey Petrushchenko trails in third scoring 113,900 points.

Alexey Leontiev Gets Hard-earned Victory In Moscow Riichi Open 2018

(from left): Pavel Bogachev (organizer), Mikhail Lugovkin (2nd), Alexey Leontiev (1rd), Leon Nikolaev (3rd), Daria Ilina (organizer) (photo credit: Azamat Kalchaev)

MOSCOW, Russia - The "Moscow Riichi Open 2018" (Riichi, no RERS) became the first Russian tournament that followed the WRC ruleset, the official ruleset of the World Riichi Championship [After this event was denied EMA accreditation, it was decided the tournament would follow WRC rules, ed]. The tournament was held 18-19 of August at «Shans Boku» bookstore, the place where Tesuji, the oldest riichi-club in Moscow and the organizer of the tournament, holds their weekly meetings.

Anne Choux Wins Chow Time And Becomes New MCR French Champion

(from left) Apolline Draux (2nd), Anne Choux (1st), Matthieu Pfeiffer (3rd) (photo credit: Fleur 'd Orchidée)

VILLEJUIF, France - This last week-end of august, Villejuif hosted the seventh edition of the "Chow Time Tournament" (MCR, MERS) organized by Fleur d'Orchidée. This international event gathered 120 participants from eight countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland).

Gérard Hêche Keeps His Cool In Broiling Hannover

(from left) Dagmar Fischer (2nd), Gérard Hêche (1st), Ans Hoogland (3rd) (photo credit: Nadine König)

HANNOVER, Germany - Swiss Gérard Hêche stands victorious at the "German Mahjong Open 2018" (MERS) scoring 20 tablepoints and 439 mini-points. Dagmar Fischer is runner-up with an equal amount of table points, but less mini-points (a total of 357). Since she is the best performing German player, she is awarded the title of "German Champion MCR". Dutch Ans Hoogland claims third place with 19 table points and an impressive number of 910 mini-points. 

Landslide Victory For Low Kee Chung At 18th Japan Championship

(from left) Suzuki Yoshihiro (2), Low Kee Chung (1), Nozaki Yuma (3), Deng Shaozhe (4) (photo credit: Japan Mahjong Sports Association)

TOKYO (Yurakucho), Japan — Finally the hottest weekend ends, with the victory of LOW Kee Chung, bringing the first trophy to Singapore of the 18th "Japan Championship" (MCR). Two-time-running OEMC winner SUZUKI Yoshihiro, youngest-ever finalist NOZAKI Yuma follow.

Elena Turlina wins SBR Moscow Open 2018

Left to right: Tatyana Goptareva (3rd), Elena Turlina (winner) and Pavel Anokhin (2nd).

MOSCOW, Russia - Last week of July 2018 Moscow hosted SBR Moscow Open. That was the third in Europe official mahjong tournament of Sichuan Bloody Rules (SBR). The winner is Elena Turlina. Runner-up is Pavel Anokhin, 3rd place is taken by Tatyana Goptareva. Only twelve players from Moscow and Moscow region took part in the tournament.

The Dutch Defenseless Against The French: MCR Dutch Open Goes To Bruno Manzo

(from left) Joël Ratsimandresy (2nd), Bruno Manzo (1st), Sven-Hendrik Gutsche (photo credit: Mattheu van Oorsouw)

BERGHEM, The Netherlands - After seven round-robin sessions over the course of two days French Bruno Manzo, who topped the ranking after the first day of play, takes first place in the "MCR Dutch Open 2018", followed by fellow countrymen Joël Ratsimandresy and Sven-Hendrik Gutsche.

Foot Cup Trophies Go To Anastasiya Chernykh At MCR Moscow Open 2018

Left to right: Sergey Vasiliev (3rd), Anastasiya Chernykh (winner), Denis Lugannikov (2nd), Pavel Anokhin (organiser).

MOSCOW, Russia - MCR Moscow Open 2018 was named "Foot Cup" for obvious reasons: FIFA World Cup 2018 is taking place these days in Moscow. The winner of Foot Cup and new MCR Moscow champion is Anastasiya Chernykh, former MCR Russian champion. The runner-up is Denis Lugannikov, 3rd place goes to Sergey Vasiliev, all podium is from Moscow. Twenty-eight players from five cities of Russia competed at this 2-day 8-session MERS tournament. Despite no need for entry visa no foreign players showed up at Foot Cup despite the fact that there are a lot of foreigners in Moscow these days.


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