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Kitaura Yasuhiro Blooms in Kyoto Cherry Blossom Cup

Top players from the 2017 Cherry Blossom Cup.

KYOTO, Japan - Kyoto MCR Mahjong Club hosted the latest "Kyoto Cherry Blossom Cup 2017" (京都桜杯2017) 22 - 23rd of April 2017 over two days and eight sessions following the MCR rules, in which forty players participated, including six from China and one from Singapore. In the end, it was Kitaura Yasuhiro (北浦 康弘) who bloomed victorious, followed by Bernard Ang Wei Ming (洪伟铭) from Singapore in second, Takasaka Hidenobu (高坂 英伸) in third.

Marco Takes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Itinerant Tournament

Top three players from the 2016-2017 Itinerant Tournament, from left to right; Marco (1st), Marco (2nd), and Marco (3rd).

The eighth and last leg of the Itinerant Tournament ended with Giacomo Ferruzzi's victory with 11 table points. Same score for Elena Savini in second place, and also for Alberto Rosi who closes the podium in 3rd. The event capped off the Itinerant Tournament for the 2016-2017 season, with Marco Milandri taking top spot, followed by Marco Montebelli, and Marco Bazzocchi.

All Non-Danish Podium in Denmark

Top-three players of the Open Danish Championship 2017. From left: Timur Hahn, Denis Lugannikov, Raúl Rios Navarro.

COPENHAGEN - The Danes, often considered the best mahjong players of Europe, beaten in their own championship… This is the surprising result of the Open Danish MCR, concluded today in Copenhagen. At the end of the day, the podium was occupied by, successively, a Russian (winner Denis Lugannikov), a German (runner-up Timur Hahn) and a Spaniard (Raúl Rios Navarro). The first Danish player was Camilla Bonde Dalsgaard, who ended in sixth postion. 

Serena Porrati and Aleksei Shpilman Champions in Gurk

Top-three of the Gourmet Cup II.

GURK - Serena Porrati today has won the Carinthian Open, a.k.a. the Gourmet Cup II. She had the same number of table points as the runner-up, Russian player Aleksei Shpilman, who had less mini-ponts. Shpilmann, however, became the winner of the Gourmet Cup 2017, since he had the best accumulated results in this combined Italian-Austrian competition.

Tina Koshimoto Peerless in DFW Mahjong Riichi Open

The top four of the Dallas Forth Worth 2017 Tournament. (Photos credit Donnie Clark)

GRAPEVINE, Texas - After a gorgeous upset in the 3rd hanchan winning a Thirteen Orphans (Kokushi Muso), Tina Koshimoto carried on to take the DFW Mahjong Riichi Open with 89.45 points, followed closest by James Bragg with 80, and Daniel Moreno with 77.75. The tournament in Grapevine (Texas) hosted sixteen players, all from the United States. The number one player won herself an invitation for the World Riichi Championship, later this year in Las Vegas.

Anne Schäfer takes Verden Open

From left Silke Bansemer, Anne Schäfter, Jürgen Schnier.

VERDEN, Germany - Anne Schäfer takes the Verden Open with 14 table points, followed in second by Silke Bansemer with 12, and Jürgen Schnier with 11.

Mark LeMoine Wins Swedish Riichi Open

David Clark (2nd), Mark LeMoine (1st), and Taka Teshima (3rd).

LINKÖPING, Sweden - After the fourth hanchan in the Swedish Riichi Open, Mark LeMoine (SWE) was trailing in third with 68.6 behind the razor-thin margin between Daina Chiba (GBR) and Wenlong Li (CHN) who held 80.2 and 80.0 points respectively. But it the end, it was Mark LeMoine who managed to finish strong and take 1st place with 97.2, followed by runner-up David Clark with 76.2, and Taka Teshima with 67.9.

Janco Onnink Blossoms in Sakura Taikai

Podium of the Sakura Taikai 2017.

OSS, the Netherlands – Less than two months after the ‘Fuyu Taikai’ at Oss, Dutch player Ans Hoogland today again stood on the podium in this mahjong hall. But this time, she had to allow two players before her. After hanchan 1 and 2, Ans was in the lead, but she did bad in hanchan #3 and 5. Veteran player Janco Onnink now was the strongest, with over 37,000 points before the runner-up, Diana van de Wetering. Ans Hoogland was happy to win the third prize.

Paride Benini Receives Gourmet Cup I

Paride Benini (1st), Timur Hahn (2nd), and Marco Bazzocchi (3rd).

(Update: Complete results)

GEMONA, Italy - Paride Benini Wins the 8th Memorial Roberto Elegante - Gourmet Cup I with 24 table points, followed by Timur Hahn with 23, and Marco Bazzocchi in 3rd with 20. The team competition was won by Doppia Coppia.

Sakari Helokunnas Emerges in Great Wave Tournament

Overview of the Great Wave tournament.

ESPOO, Finland - Sakari Helokunnas is the winner of the Great Wave Tournament, concluded today in the Finnish town of Espoo. Janne Hannikainen was the runner-up, with just 600 points more than the number three player, Yuanqi Shan.


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