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Chris Endicott Wins Great Scholars Tournament

(left to right) Andrew Smith (4th), Russell Chan (2nd), Chris Endicott (1st), Daniele Cesarini (3rd) (photo credit: Gemma Sakamoto / @mahjonggem)

OXFORD, United Kingdom - Chris Endicott takes first place in the third edition of the "Great Scholars Riichi Mahjong Tournament" (RERS), scoring 141,500 points. Tournament debutant Russell Chan finishes second with 136,200 points, while the runner-up of the previous edition (in 2016), Daniele Cesarini, secures the third position scoring 89,400 points.

Shi Hua Chen Takes MCR Copenhagen Open

(left to right) Freddy Christiansen (2nd), Shi Hua Chen (1st), Henrik Leth (3rd) (photo source: Facebook Mahjong Danmark)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Shi Hua Chen wins the "MCR Copenhagen Open" (MERS), scoring 13 table points and 402 mini-points. Second place goes to Freddy Christiansen with 11 table points and 449 mini-points; Henrik Leth takes third position scoring 11 table points and 254 mini-points.

Jili Pfeiffer Tops All-French Podium At First Valencia MCR Tournament

(left to right) Annabel di Domenico (2nd), Jili Pfeiffer (1st), Vincent You-Seen (3rd) (photo credit: Iván Maestre)

VALENCIA, Spain - The French dominate the ranking in the "Valencia MCR Tournament" (MERS): Jili Pfeiffer effectively wipes out the competition scoring 22 table points and 1120 mini-points, followed by Annabel di Domenico with 19 table points and 498 mini-points. Vincent You-Seen scores 18 table points and 665 mini-points claiming third place.

MCR Belgian Open For Marieke Verheyden

(left to right) Pauline van der Linden (2nd), Marieke Verheyden (1st), Leni Janssen (3rd) (photo credit: Joke Maes)

TEMSE, Belgium - One month after sealing third place at the Dutch "Valentine Tournament 2018" Belgian player Marieke Verheyden wins the tenth edition of the "Little Three Dragons Tournament" aka the "MCR Belgian Open 2018" (MERS), scoring 13 table points and 371 mini-points. Runner-up is Dutch Pauline van der Linden with 12 table points and 414 mini-points, followed by her fellow countrywoman Leni Janssen who scored an equal amount of table points and 298 mini-points.

Birgitt Rupp Strikes Again At Vienna Riichi Open

(left to right) Łukasz Grzybowsi (3rd), Dominik Hammerl (2nd), Birgitt Rupp (1st) (photo credit: Olga Igarashi)

VIENNA, Austria - Austrian Birgitt Rupp, the victress of the "Austrian Riichi Open 2017", wins the "Vienna Riichi Open 2018" (RERS) scoring 126,100. Fellow countryman Dominik Hammerl comes in second with 123,000 points and Lukasz Grzybowski from Upper Silesia (Poland) takes the third spot scoring 118,200 points.

Riichi Copenhagen Open Goes To Jasper Germeys

(left to right) Mikkel Askjær-Friss (2nd), Jasper Germeys (1st), Morten Andersen (3rd)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Riichi veteran and newly crowned "Swedish Riichi Champion" Jasper Germeys takes first place at the "Riichi Copenhagen Open 2018" (RERS) scoring 110,400 points, while second place goes to Danish player Mikkel Askjær-Friss with 95,500 points. Overtaking the number four, Swedish player Stefan Persson, by merely 400 points Morten Andersen from Denmark secures the third podium place. 

Arthur McAnally Wins Rochester Riichi Open

Winner Arthur McAnally (source photo: Twitter)

ROCHESTER, New York/USA - Arthur McAnally from the US wins the "Rochester Riichi Open", scoring 96.00 points. Runner-up is fellow countryman Bruce Bland with 73.45 points, and third place goes to Canadian Loic Roberge scoring 20.20 points.

Denis Lugannikov Sails To Victory On Malaysian Cruise

Denis Lugannikov, "feeling fantastic" at the award ceremony. (photo credit: Denis Lugannikov)

SINGAPORE, Singapore - Russian Denis Lugannikov wins the inaugural "Nanyang Modern Mahjong Mindsport Tournament" (MCR), scoring 25 table points and the staggering number of 1554 mini-points. Runner-up is Singaporean player Ow Zhong Ming with 23 table points and 520 mini-points, and Cédric Aguerre from France finishes in third position, with 22 table points and 273 mini-points.

Michael Donaghy Triumphs At Swedish Riichi Open

(left to right) Jasper Germeys (3rd), Michael Donaghy (1st), Anna Titova (3rd) (photo credit: Annika Ridell)

UPPSALA, Sweden - British Michael Donaghy, runner-up at the "UK Open Riichi Tournament 2017", has emerged victorious in the "Swedish Open Riichi Mahjong Championship 2018" (RERS), scoring 113,200 points, followed by Swedish Jasper Germeys with 99,500 points. Making her international debut Anna Titova from the Russian Federation claims third position scoring 82,000 points.

Players In High Spirits During First Team Tournament "Best In the West"

(left to right) David Li, Haolun Wu, Ayako Shigamatsu, Rachel Halperin (photo credit: LAPOM)

GARDENA, California/USA - Team 'Doko wa Dokou' (David Li, Haolun Wu, Ayako Shigamatsu, Rachel Halperin) won the first team versus team tournament on American soil which took place February 17-18. Ryan Gan, staff member of hosting crew 'Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong' ('LAPOM') reflects on "Team Tournament - Best In The West".


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