MOSCOW, Russia - Mahjong analyst Vitaly Novikov provides update of an overall MCR players ranking as of July 01, 2018. Due to obvious restraints the methodology has been corrected.

MOSCOW, Russia - Mahjong analyst Vitaly Novikov shares the idea of an overall MCR players ranking. An innovative ranking system and detailed database of over 1,000 Chinese players now allow to "meet together" the results of Western and Eastern tournaments at one place.

Cédric Aguerre

BADEN, Austria - Alexander Doppelhofer has calculated cumulative player performance in European tournaments throughout 2017, and Cédric Aguerre from France has emerged as the #1 European player of the year, followed by Timur Hahn of Germany, and Marco Montebelli of Italy.

#1 European Combined MCR+Riichi player results coming soon.

Laura Enfi

BADEN (Vienna), Austria - The Mahjong News MCR Ranking as of July 6, 2018: The results of the "MCR Dutch Open 2018" have no impact on the top three: Laura Enfi from Italy still holds the number one position, followed by fellow countryman Francesco Martini, and Frenchman Frédéric Petit.

Francesco Martini

COPENHAGEN - Francesco Martini from Italy overtakes EMA MCR-Ranking.