Laura Enfi

BADEN (Vienna), Austria - The Mahjong News MCR Ranking as of October 16, 2018: Laura Enfi from Italy extends her reign as leader in our MCR ranking, runner-up is Dutch Anton Kösters, while Belgian player Marieke Verheyden trails in third.

Cédric Aguerre

BADEN, Austria - Alexander Doppelhofer has calculated cumulative player performance in European tournaments throughout 2017, and Cédric Aguerre from France has emerged as the #1 European player of the year, followed by Timur Hahn of Germany, and Marco Montebelli of Italy.

#1 European Combined MCR+Riichi player results coming soon.

David Gérard Aure

COPENHAGEN - David Gérard Aure from France is #1 in EMA MCR-Ranking.