BOLOGNA, Italy - The first race of the Itinerant Tournament 01 October 2017 was won by Serena Porrati with 12.99 points, followed by Marco Bazzocchi with 11.99 and Daniela Natali with 11.

This is not the top-three of Leuven. Gerda van Oorschot holds up a sheet of paper with the name of winner Ad van der Linden. Left Peter Van Damme, right Benjamin Kam.

LEUVEN, Belgium - Dutch player Ad van der Linden today has won the Red Lotus of Leuven in Belgium, which as a matter of fact was a Belgian-Dutch competition, with just a few players from France and Germany. Peter van Damme from Belgium was the first runner-up, with the same number of table points (13) as the winner and just 23 minipoints less. His fellow-countryman Peter Van Kam was the second runner-up, with 12 table-points.

Anna Dashkova, winner of the MCR Russian Open 2017 and organizer Aleksandr Babushkin. 

SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia - Anna Dashkova from Vologda has been unbeaten in the MCR Russian Open 2017 (MERS 2) which took place last weekend in Saint Petersburg. Forty-eight players from nine cities of Russia competed at fully automated tables (!) in this two-day 8-sessions event. This Russian championship has been neatly organized with the help of a Chinese counterpart: the Chinese-Russian Association for Development and Communication at the territory of Russian-Chinese Business Park.

Rui Machado: thumbs up for a great hand!

MADRID -  Rui Machado from Portugal wins the 9th Spanish Open Mahjong Championship (MERS2) with 21 table points, followed by Cédric Aguerre with 20 and 800 mini-points, and Francesca Battaglini also with 20 table points but only 711 mini-points. It was the first tournament victory of the organizer of the OEMC 2017, and even the first victory of a Portuguese player in the history of organized mahjong in Europe.

(left to right) José Hoogland (2nd), radiant Yvonne van der Heide (1st), Wenda Vanderbist (3rd) (Photo credit: Dutch Mahjong Association)

IJSSELSTEIN, The Netherlands - Dutch Yvonne van der Heide rightfully wins the "Nine Gates Tournament" (MERS1), scoring 14 table points. Runner up is her fellow club member José Hoogland with an equal amount of table points, but less mini points. Due to her excellent result in the last session, Belgium player Wenda Vanderbist claims third position, scoring 13 table points. Dutch player Bert Claessen, who won the previous four editions, ends on a modest 28th place.