Nicoletta Baschirotto

The winner of the 4th leg was Nicoletta Baschirotto with 14 table points, second place Massimiliano Tranchina also with 14 table points but fewer mini-points, and third Marco Milandri with 12 table points.

Spanish Open Podium
Podium of the Spanish Open: Diana Westdijk, Denis Lugannikov, Pauline van der Linden.

VALENCIA, Spain - The only Russian participant, Denis Lugannikov, today has won the 8th Spain Open Mahjong Championship. Runner-up was Diana Westdijk, third prize was for Pauline van der Linden, both from the Netherlands. The winner of the Iberian Cup, for the best accumulated results of both the Portuguese Open 2016 and the Spanish Open 2016 was Cédric Aguerre from France.

The Swiss Mahjong Open 2016 at La Tour-de-Peliz.

LA TOUR-DE-PELIZ, Switzerland - French players take top spots in the Swiss MCR championship, with Caroline Arnaud in first place with 21 table points, followed by Catherine Xanthopoulos with 20. Chris De Roock from Belgium comes in third with 19 table points and 744 mini-points, edging out France's Frédéric Petit, also with 19 table points but only 659 mini-points.


M. Milandri

BOLOGNA, Italy -The third leg of the Itinerant Tournament was won with 16 table points by Marco Milandri, in second place with 14 table points and 710 mini-points Angela Plebani, and third Loretta Pizzi also with 14 table points but only 533 mini-points. This race also closes the ranking for the allocation of seats to the next European Championship to be held in Portugal, May 2017.

The 11th Italian Championship on Day 1 of the tournament. Pictures © FIMJ 2016

MILAN, Italy - The French have done a great job in Milan, today and yesterday in the 11th Open Italian Championship. The podium was for ‘Les Bleus’. Fanette Laplagne won the tournament, before her fellow-countrymen Cyrille Rak and Benoît Messi-Fouda.