Players of Shangri-La Cup Mahjong Mind Sport Asian Elite Invitational 2016
Participants of Shangri-La Cup Mahjong Mind Sport Asian Elite Invitational 2016

NINGBO, China - Supervised by the Mahjong International League, the Shangri-La Cup Mahjong Mind Sport Asian Elite Invitational 2016 was successfully held by Shangri-la Hotel Ningbo at Ningbo. The two-day event has attracted over thirty international mahjong champions from Asia and Europe who battled against contestants from China, Japan, France, Singapore, Russia and Chinese Taipei, altogether 200 players.

Podium of the Reunion Impérial 2016.

REUNION, Reunion Island (France) - It was a thrilling final of the two-day Impérial Tournament on Reunion Island, the French department in the Indian. Both Hélène Boidin and Suzy Aure had 20 table-points - but Hélène had scored just 29 mini-points more then her closest competitor, Suzy Aure. That‘s less points than you get for the smallest hand you can win in MCR, but for Hélène it was enough to win this prestigious second MERS 2 competition of the French Republic. 

Gerard van der Bie, winner of the 2016 ‘Schoon Spel’ Tournament.

BERGHEM, the Netherlands - Gerard van der Bie today has won the Half Flush Tournament 2016 of the Netherlands. Désirée Heemskerk, who recently was the runner-up in the European Riichi Championship, ended in second position, together with Belgian player Tijs Renson. Both had the same number of table points and mini-points.

Giuseppe Iacolino

BOLOGNA, Italy - Giuseppe Iacolino is the winner of the Italian Itinerary (traveling) Tournament, played today at Bologna, before Luca Gavelli and Marco Bazzocchi. In the general ranking, Maurizio Bagnoli is in the lead.

Podium of the Panther Tournament.

REUNION, France - Annabel Di Domenico is the winner of the ‘Panthere’ Tournament which took place today in the remote French department of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. Runner-up was Simone Dubois, third prize went to David Gérard Aure.