Winner Martha Pasterkamp (center) beams as she is laureated.

(With Additional Commentary by Eric van Balkum)

HEEMSTEDE, the Netherlands - Martha Pasterkamp today has won the ‘most beautiful competition of the Netherlands’, as she calls it on her Facebook page: the Valentine 2017 Tournament.

MOSCOW - Eight teams competed in the first in Europe MCR Duplicate Championship. Out of thirty-two contestants from Russia and China, the best team is AnnSpiel (Shpilman Anna, Stepanova Anna, Goptareva Tatyana, Shpilman Aleksei).

Updated: See full report, new photos.

Marco Milandri

BOLOGNA - Marco Milandri earned 16 table points to walk away with the 5th leg of the 2016-2017 Itinerant Tournament, followed by Stefania Gori with 13, and Michele Bollino with 12.

BOLOGNA - Marco Montebell comes away with yet another tournament win in the ZERO MERS 6th Itinerant with 14 TP and 450 points, followed tightly by Patrizia Buscarini also with 14 TP and 2 points behind at 448. Danilo Serio finishes the podium in 3rd with 11 TP.

The Kong Robbers Tournament at Zaandam, Holland.

ZAANDAM, the Netherlands - Jaap Croeze is the winner of the Kong Robbers Tournament which took place today. Runner-up was Jan Warbout, third place for Marjan van den Nieuwendijk, all from Holland.