Swedish Champion Emma Fahlström.

MALMÖ, Sweden - Hosted by Malmö Mahjong Association, at Spelens Hus in Malmö, the 2016 Swedish Mahjong Open took place, and the winner was Timur Hahn from Germany, second came Sebastian Lavallée from Denmark, and third from Sweden (and therefore Swedish Champion) Emma Fahlström.

Raúl Ríos Navarro, Marco Montebelli, Ji Li Pfeiffer (from l.)

MADRID - The 1st Open of the Association of Mahjong Madrid (MMO) is won by Marco Montebelli from Italy. Runner-up was Ji Li Pfeiffer from France, while Raúl Ríos Navarro was the best Spaniard, ending in third position.

From l.: Elisabeth Frischenschlager, Mathieu Pfeiffer, Marco Montebelli.

BUDAPEST - Matthieu Pfeiffer takes both the 2016 Hungarian Open, along with the 2016 Sisi Cup. Second place in the Hungarian open went to Shi Hua Chen, followed by Benoit Messi-Fouda. Second in the Sisi Cup was Elisabeth Frischenschiager, followed by Marco Montebelli.

Top-3 at Villejuif: Olivier Boivin, Serena Porrati, Thierry Claudel.

VILLEJUIF, France - Serena Porrati has won the Chow Time tournament at Villejuif. French player Olivier Boivin ended second and Thierry Claudel, also from France, third.

Ying Tian, Alexander Doppelhofer, Lihua Cao (from left): top-3 at Baden in Austria.

BADEN (Vienna), Austria - The eventual winner of the Austrian Open, the Chinese Ying Tian, seemed to want to "walkover" starting with the maximum points of 16 from the first four games, but suddenly took a bath from Alexander "Auto" Doppelhofer in round 5, ending the tournament tied in table points with Alexander at 21, besting him only in game points 713 to 688, followed narrowly by Cao Lihua in 3rd with 20 table points.