Podium of the 10th Memorial ’Davide Zaniwas’.

CESENA, Italy - The tenth Memorial Davide Zaniwas won by Maurizio Bagnoli, the second place went to Piero Taroni and third Alberto Rosi.

Podium of the Dutch Open 2016.

AMSTERDAM - Matthieu Pfeiffer from France has won the Dutch Open 2016. She scored 26 (out of sa possible 28) table points, plus no less than 1,332 mini-points.

Cyrille Rak

TOULOUSE, France - French player Cyrille Rak today has won the Toulouse MCR Open. Runner-up in this two-day competition was Christine Taylor, Florent Descamp ended in third position.

Marco Milandri

MESTRE, Italy - The Italian Mahjong Federation (FIMJ) today has concluded the Itinerant Tournament 2015-’16. This means also the standings of the 2014-’16 World Cupbhave become definitive.

Podium, from l.: Anthony Ea, Shi Hua Chen Kold, Mikkel Askjær-Friis.

COPENHAGEN - At the end of ten sessions in the Danish Open 2016, Danish player Shi Hua Chen Kold had 957 minipoints and 32 table points, 2 points ahead of the next 3 players: with 30 table points Anthony Ea from France secured second place with 973 minipoints, ahead of Mikkel Askjær-Friis from Denmark (880 minipoints) and Xu Huaou from China (643 minipoints), who both had a disappointing last session, scoring only 1 table point each.
The tournament had 72 competitors and was characterized by high-level players from 11 countries.