The 11th Italian Championship on Day 1 of the tournament. Pictures © FIMJ 2016

MILAN, Italy - The French have done a great job in Milan, today and yesterday in the 11th Open Italian Championship. The podium was for ‘Les Bleus’. Fanette Laplagne won the tournament, before her fellow-countrymen Cyrille Rak and Benoît Messi-Fouda. 

The Hop Swiss team, and the Wonderful Dragon team.

CHENGDU -What began months ago an a world-wide online competition was narrowed down to the top elite, who convened in Chengdu to play against each other in person for top honors. Emerging from this process was team Wonderful Dragon from China as 1st place. Also of note for European readers was the emergence of the Swiss team Hop Swiss in 4th place.

Podium of the Panther Tournament.

REUNION, France - Annabel Di Domenico is the winner of the ‘Panthere’ Tournament which took place today in the remote French department of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. Runner-up was Simone Dubois, third prize went to David Gérard Aure.