Danilo Serio

(Update: Matthieu Pfeiffer has added information)

PARIS - Danilo Serio from Italy wins the 2016 French Mahjong Open, followed by Marianne Croeze from Holland and Cyrille Rak from France with 22 and 902 points.

BOLOGNA, Italy - In the yearly Italian Itinerant Competition, Valentina Valentino takes 1st place with 14 table points and 533 points, edging out Marco Montebelli's 410 points in at 2nd, and Marco Lorenzi in 3rd.

Podum of Gurk 2016.

GURK, Austria - By winning the Carinthian Open MCR Tournament today, Italian player Marco Montebelli at the same time became the winner of the Gourmet Cup. Elisabeth Frischenschlager ended on the first place of the Austrian Championship Race. It is the second victory for Montebelli within a short time; earlier this month he won the First Madrid Open.

Jos Dermout

LEUVEN, Belgium - The first ‘Red Lotus’ tournament in Belgium today is won by Belgian player Jos Dermout. 44 players participated in this event, mainly from Belgium itself and its neighboring countries Germany, France and the Netherlands.