SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia. Russia is already used to being #1stinEurope with many mahjong initiatives: first time in Europe holding an MCR Duplicate Individual, MCR Duplicate Teams, and SBR (Sichuan Bloody Rules) tournaments.

But this time it looks like an unheard of ever in Europe: the MCR Russian Open 2017 with be held on fully automated mahjong tables.

Foreign players are welcome to participate. Number of players is limited to 10 tables, and hence, 40 players.

The event will take place on September 16-17, 2017. And here is a link for registration:

The venue is the biggest in Europe, the Chinese restaurant "Qin",,

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  • Guest - Ospero (Timur Hahn)

    Hey there. I tried going to the site listed (to read up on it, I'll be otherwise busy that weekend), and got a malware warning and page block from my antivirus program (Avast). This has been the case for several months now - it always happens when I try to go to

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