Daina Chiba (on right) with Dragon Owl organizer Marek Wakuluk.

BIELAWA, Poland- If you are so lucky to live within traveling distance to Bielawa, Poland, then you are also fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of one of the few opportunities to sit in July 30th on a free world-class mahjong strategy course by Daina Chiba being held in conjunction with the July 29th Dragon Owl Riichi Contest.

Maurizio Bagnoli's stare of death.

BOLOGNA, Italy - After four hanchans Maurizio Bagnoli came out victorious at the "Tanuki Tournament" (non RERS), scoring 60,600 points. Runner up was Alan Coli with 56,500 and by the skin of his teeth Paolo Silverstri claimed third prize with 41,300 points.

The top four of the Dallas Forth Worth 2017 Tournament. (Photos credit Donnie Clark)

GRAPEVINE, Texas - After a gorgeous upset in the 3rd hanchan winning a Thirteen Orphans (Kokushi Muso), Tina Koshimoto carried on to take the DFW Mahjong Riichi Open with 89.45 points, followed closest by James Bragg with 80, and Daniel Moreno with 77.75. The tournament in Grapevine (Texas) hosted sixteen players, all from the United States. The number one player won herself an invitation for the World Riichi Championship, later this year in Las Vegas.

Michal Marko (2nd), Joël Ratsimandresy (1st), and Lena Weinguny (3rd).

GRAZ, Austria - Joël Ratsimandresy easily carried away the trophy from the Graz Riichi Tournament (RERS1) with 254,000 points, followed in a distant 2nd place by Michal Marko with 93,300, and Lena Weinguny with 76,400 in 3rd.

David Clark (2nd), Mark LeMoine (1st), and Taka Teshima (3rd).

LINKÖPING, Sweden - After the fourth hanchan in the Swedish Riichi Open, Mark LeMoine (SWE) was trailing in third with 68.6 behind the razor-thin margin between Daina Chiba (GBR) and Wenlong Li (CHN) who held 80.2 and 80.0 points respectively. But it the end, it was Mark LeMoine who managed to finish strong and take 1st place with 97.2, followed by runner-up David Clark with 76.2, and Taka Teshima with 67.9.