TAMPERE, Finland - Ossi Hirvola is the winner of the Mahjong-Seura Tournament, which was held today at Tampere in the south-west of Finland. Second prize was for Jouni Lehtinen, third prize for Einari Lavaste.

Half-group photo at Saint-Petersburg Riichi Open 2016.

SAINT-PETERSBURG, Russia - George Pavlov from Moscow today has won the Saint-Petersburg Riichi Open. Runner-up was Anton Novikov, third place was for Vitalii Savickii.

Oliwia Wolska
Oliwia Wolska with Marek Wakuluk.

WARSAW, Poland - Polish player Oliwia Wolska is the winner of the two-days Kuni Taikai 2016, concluded today in Warsaw. 

Winners in Paris, from left: Nicolas Campina, Anthony Ea, Olivier Cao.

PARIS, France - Anthony Ea is the winner of the Paris Riichi Open, a.k.a. the French Riichi Championship. Runner-up was Olivier Cao, third prize went to Nicolas Campina - all from France.

The Dutch Riichi Open 2016 in action.

OSS, the Netherlands - Organizer John Kuijpers today has won his own Dutch Riichi Open Championship. After nine thrilling hanchan, he succeeded in beating Gemma Sakamoto (Great-Britain) who was close behind him during the whole tournament, but eventually ended on position number four. In the last hanchan, she was even passed by two other Dutch competitors: Joop Krijgsman and Ad van der Linden.