(from left) Dominik Hammerl (2nd), Sergey Tsyvinshi (1st), Roman Powęzka (3rd) (photo credit: Łukasz Grzybowski)

BRNO, Czech Republic - Sergey Tsyvinski (Сергей Цывинский) from Belarus, winner of the "Warsaw Mahjong Taikai 2017", emerges victorious at the first "Brno Riichi Championship" (RERS), scoring a staggering number of 212,900 points. Austrian player Dominik Hammerl, runner-up at the "Vienna Riichi Open 2018", trails with 132,200 points, and Roman Powęzka from Poland claims third position, scoring 103,300 points.

Winner Masahiro Yaehata showing off his trophy. (photo credit: @LAPoM2)

Grapevine, Texas/USA - After a fierce battle on the second day Masahiro Yaehata wins the "Dallas Fort Worth Mahjong Riichi Open" (no RERS), bumping Tina Koshimoto, who was in the lead after the first day, to the second position. Hirotaka Takeuchi claims third place, followed by David Bresnick in fourth.

Daina Chiba (on right) with Dragon Owl organizer Marek Wakuluk.

BIELAWA, Poland- If you are so lucky to live within traveling distance to Bielawa, Poland, then you are also fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of one of the few opportunities to sit in July 30th on a free world-class mahjong strategy course by Daina Chiba being held in conjunction with the July 29th Dragon Owl Riichi Contest.

'LAPOM' crew and pro Jenn Barr at the "PML Riichi Mahjong Open 2016"

GARDENA, California/USA - Upcoming weekend riichi mahjong club 'Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong' (LAPOM') will be hosting a two-day tournament, which will be streamed LIVE on YouTube. For the first time in the history of the North American Riichi Mahjong Association ('NARMA') players will participate in a team competition instead of an individual event.

SANTIAGO, Chile - Setting history in the Chilean capital city of Santiago will be South America's first ever continental riichi mahjong championship, currently scheduled for the 26th of August, 2017.