Left to right: Andrei Maximov (2nd), Georgy Pavlov (winner), Dmitriy Mishakov (3rd), Anton Antonov (Teahouse), Marina Belousova (organiser).

MOSCOW, Russia -Georgy Pavlov from Moscow out-performed sixty-three other players from ten cities of Russia, Japan and Uzbekistan. Within the last two years Georgy also won the third official RERS tournament in Russia: Ivanovo 2016, Saint Petersburg 2016 and Moscow 2017. Runner-up is Andrei Maximov from Saint Petersburg, 3rd place is taken by Dmitriy Mishakov from Moscow.

(left to right) Cédric Aguerre (2nd), Aleksei Shpilman (1st), Rául Rios Navarro (3rd)

BOLOGNA, Italy - Russian allround player Aleksei Shpilman wins the "First Open Italian Riichi Championship" (RERS2), scoring 191,000 points. Two MCR top players seize second and third place: French Cédric Aguerre is runner-up, with 171,300 points, while Spanish Rául Rios Navarro takes third position, scoring 133,600 points. Ivan Coli, being the highest scoring Italian player, wins the Italian Champion Cup.

(left to right) Sven-Hendrik Gutsche (2nd), Mathieu Chambe (1st), Chaolei Chen (3rd) (Photo credit: Karolina Trepinska)

PUTEAUX, France - Mathieu Chambe, finalist at the "French Riichi Open 2017" last June, wins the "Tri Nitro Tournament 2017" (RERS1), scoring 93,000 points. Runner-up is Sven-Hendrik Gutsche with 90,300 points, and Chaolei Chen claims third place, scoring 81,900 points.

Loes Heerze is happy with her well-deserved prize.

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands - After four hanchan Loes Heerze wins the "Tsumo! Tournament" (non-RERS) scoring 106,400 points, John Kuijpers is runner-up with 103,500 points, and Nicole Haasbroek manages to secure the third spot with 96,800 points.

(left to right) Alexander Doppelhofer (3rd), Kristzian Deak (1st), Matthias Reich-Rohrwig (3rd) (Photo credit: Roman Ollinger)

VIENNA, Austria - An all Austrian podium at the "Vienna Open Riichi Tournament 2017" (RERS1). Newcomer Krisztian Deak, who dominated the ranking on the first day, takes home the gold scoring 169,800 points. Runner-up is Matthias Reich-Rohrwig, with 151,800 points and in third place comes Alexander Doppelhofer with 91,000 points. Both Reich-Rohrwig and Doppelhofer displayed excellent performances on the second day, which catapulted them into the top-3.