(left to right) Sheila Hansen (2nd), Taka Teshima (1st), Isabel Steenholm (3rd) (Photo credit: Tina Christensen)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - The top-3 of the "Riichi Open Danish Championship 2017" (RERS2) looks very similar to the one of the 2016 edition. Last year's winner Taka Teshima is again victorious, scoring 132,800 points. Second place goes to Sheila Hansen with 127,300 points, and the runner-up of the previous edition, Isabel Steenholm, claims third position with 121,300 points.

(left to right) Organizer/referee Daniel Široň, Olga Proskuryakova (1st), Łukasz Grzybowski (2nd), Zoltan Dinyesi (3rd), Dominik Hammerl (4th)

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia - After two days of play and eight hanchan Russian player Olga Proskuryakova wins the "Riichi Open Bratislava 2017" (RERS2) with 154,000 points. Łukasz Grzybowski, from Upper Silesia, takes second place with 103,800 points. Hungarian Zoltan Dinyesi, who was awarded a prize for 'Best Hanchan', snatches up third place scoring 89,300 points, while Austrian player Dominik Hammerl claims fourth position with 87,800 points.

Two Chileans and two Argentinians make up the final table for the South American Riichi Championship.

SANTIAGO, Chile - Pablo Figoni of Argentina takes first place in the inaugural South American Riichi Mahjong Championship with 40.9 points, followed by Felipe Rojas of Chile with 32.9 points in second, Cristobal Nuñez of Chile with 16.3 point in third, with Matias Alloati of Argentina finishing out the final table in fourth with 9.9 points. This tournament marks the first of its kind in South America, and heralds in the birth of competitive riichi mahjong within this Western continent.

Screenshot 2016 edition, hanchan 8: Konsta Lensu's hand

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia - Upcoming weekend the 4th edition of the "Riichi Open Bratislava" (RERS2) will be held. According to Slovakian customs one table per hanchan will be streamed LIVE on Twitch, the world's leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts.

Second runner-up Ieneke Marsidi (l) congratulates Eveline Broers with her second place, while winner Janco Onnink waits for his turn.

OSS, the Netherlands - Janco Onnink today has won the Oranda Saikou, a non-MERS local riichi tournament in the Netherlands. The venue is not far away from the location where the European Riichi Championship 2019 will take place.