Overview of the Great Wave tournament.

ESPOO, Finland - Sakari Helokunnas is the winner of the Great Wave Tournament, concluded today in the Finnish town of Espoo. Janne Hannikainen was the runner-up, with just 600 points more than the number three player, Yuanqi Shan.

‘Mister’ and ‘Miss’ Riichi, Zeyu Sun and Nicole Haasbroek, are laureated.

PARIS - Richi mahjong has two new champions. Today, in Paris, the first ‘Miss Riichi’ and ‘Mister Riichi’ were honoured after the tournament of the same name. The title of ‘Mister Riichi’ went to the male player with the most wins during the tournament: Zeyu Sun, who also was the winner of the tournament itself; the title of ‘Miss Riichi’ was for the female with the most wins, Nicole Haasbroek from the Netherlands.

Winners of the Moscow JPML-A Tournament.

MOSCOW - The first Russian tournament following the Japanese Professional Mahjong League Rules set A (JPML-A) riichi rules took place in Moscow on 11 March 2017 in the place where Tesuji, the oldest riichi-club in Moscow, holds their meetings. There were forty players participating. The tournament consisted of four hanchan, with a fifth hanchan for top twenty players.

Podium of the Poteto Tournament, from left: 1. Dominik Kolenda, 2. Oliwia Wolska, 3. Jacek Borysiak, 4. Martyna Krajewska.

POZNAN, Poland - Dominik Kolenda is the winner of the Poznan ‘Poteto’ Tournament which was held today in the Polish city of Poznan, with a small margin before his fellow-countrywoman Oliwia Wolska.

2017 Rochester Riichi Open Finalists.

NEW YORK - Steven Harrison Smith from the US takes the Rochester Riichi Open trophy with 70.55 points, followed by fellow US player Christopher Omahen with 69.25, with Canadian Alexandre Boily coming in 3rd with 51.35 points.