Podium Ostrava; Juraj Móza showing off his huge trophy (photo credit: Lenka Raková)

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic - Juraj Móza, victor at the Katowice tournament last July, wins the first edition of the "Ostrava Riichi Open" (RERS1), scoring 102,200 points. Runner up is Rafał Baranowski with 97,600 points, and Marta Binkowska comes in third, with 54,300 points.

Left to right: Arthur Khanafin (referee helper), Elena Shalimova (organiser), Dmitriy Sirotkin (3rd), Oleg Kim (winner), Anton Lysenko (2nd), Dmitriy Vodilov (referee).

PERM, Russia - The first in "Siberia" zone of Russia RERS 2 tournament took place in Perm gathering seventy-two players from twelve cities of Russia. The winner is Oleg Kim from Perm, runner-up is Anton Lysenko from Tyumen, 3rd place goes to Dmitriy Sirotkin from Moscow. This tournament was also WMSG-2018 selection trial with three distributed places. All scoring was done via "Pantheon" system -- no paper or tenbo sticks, login via mobiles or smartphones.

First hanchan of the Edewecht Combi Tournament 2017.

EDEWECHT - Each year, a combined riichi/MCR tournament takes place in the German village of Edewecht. Today, the first event of the Edition 2017 took place: a MERS 1 riichi tournament; tomorrow, the MERS 1 MCR competition will be held. Dutch player Ad van der Linden won the first part. Sine he is also a strong MCR player, chances are great that he may also be the number one tomorrow. 

Dimphy van Grinsven with her trophy.

OSS, The Netherlands -  Dimphy van Grinsven is the winner of the Dutch Riichi Open (MERS 2), completed today in the Dutch village of Oss.

Left to right: Andrei Maximov (2nd), Georgy Pavlov (winner), Dmitriy Mishakov (3rd), Anton Antonov (Teahouse), Marina Belousova (organiser).

MOSCOW, Russia -Georgy Pavlov from Moscow out-performed sixty-three other players from ten cities of Russia, Japan and Uzbekistan. Within the last two years Georgy also won the third official RERS tournament in Russia: Ivanovo 2016, Saint Petersburg 2016 and Moscow 2017. Runner-up is Andrei Maximov from Saint Petersburg, 3rd place is taken by Dmitriy Mishakov from Moscow.