Top-three in Copenhagen.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark  - Taka Teshima wins the 2016 Danish Open by a decisive 200,000 points, followed by the nearest competitor Isabel Bahiano Steenholm with 134,000, and Freddy Christiansen with 76,600. Best hand of the tournament was Brian Krog's dealer sanbaiman from riichi, tsumo, fanpai, san ankou... and 11 dora.

Martijn Gulmans

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands - Dutch are crazy about riichi mahjong: no less than seven riichi tournaments are being organized in Holland this year. The latest event of the kind is the Tsumo! Tournament, which took place today at Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, not far from harbour city Rotterdam. Young Martijn Gulmans was the winner.

Top-3 in the Russian Open 2016.

MOSCOW, Russia -- Moscow hosted the largest national riichi championship in Europe, the V Russian Riichi Open 2016 which gathered 88 players from Russia, England, Japan and Belarus. New riichi champion of Russia is Nikita Perov from Moscow.

KHARKIV, Ukraine - Sergiy Samarskyi has won the Riichi Ukrainian Open.

The winner: Charles McDonell.

SAN FRANCISCO - Charles McDonell wins the largest riichi tournament yet to be staged in the Americas, hosted by the Pacific Mahjong League. In all, fifty-two players came from the United States, Canada, and Japan to participate. Players during the competition were treated to the excellent luxury of playing on automatic mahjong tables.