Start of the French Riichi Open. Photo Nicole Haasbroek

MARSEILLE, France - French player Zeyu Sun is in the lead after the first seven hanchan of the French Riichi Open. The competition will be concluded today with the two final rounds, hanchan 8 and 9. The final two tables will be streamed live.

Screenshot from a Twitch broadcast of 'Chuuren Potos' ("Tournoi de Printemps")

MARSEILLE, France - Upcoming weekend, riichi mahjong club 'Chuuren Potos' ('Nine Gates') from Marseille will host the prestigious "Championnat de France" ("French Championship" - RERS2). Over the course of two days thirty-two competitors will battle it out during nine hanchans, while current French Champion Anthony Ea will try to defend his crown. At first glimps it looks 'business as usual', but this event could very likely set the gold standard for future mahjong tournaments.

(left to right) Sergey Petrushchenko, victor Alexey Leontyev, Victor Grishin

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - Three players from the Russian Federation occupied the top spots at the "Prague Open Riichi Tournament" (RERS2). Alexey Leontyev easily dominated his opponents, scoring 290,600 points. Runner up was Victor Grishin, winner of the Russian Open Riichi Championship 2014, with 161,300 points, while Sergey Petrushchenko claimed third place with 118,600 points.

Podium of the Montreal Riichi Open.

MONTREAL, Canada - Andrew Whitcomb has won the Third Montreal Riichi Open. He shared the podium with Daniel Moreno (2nd place) and Anne Rinfret (3rd). Sixteen players competed in this two-day event.

(left to right) Katarzyna Chabelska, Natalia 'Haneman Hunter' Bula, Olga Igarashi

KATOWICE, Poland - Natalia Bula has won the "Katowice Riichi Open 2017", the first riichi tournament in the Upper Silesian region (no RERS) with 61,300 points. Katarzyna Chabelska scored 43,000 points to claim second place; Olga Igarashi came in third, scoring 31,300 points.