SANTIAGO, Chile - Setting history in the Chilean capital city of Santiago will be South America's first ever continental riichi mahjong championship, currently scheduled for the 26th of August, 2017.

The organizers have announced the tournament will follow the official rules of the World Riichi Championship, including the exclusion of red dora. Currently the event is set for three hanchan of 90 minutes, although if participation levels grow to exceed twenty-four players, the tournament will play four.

Tournament organizers have an adventurous prize for the 1st place player, the details of which are still pending official confirmation before the publication, but suffice it to say the winner should be prepared for travel. Second place will receive a Japanese mahjong set, and third a mahjong mat.

Registration is

Interested players should check out the calendar entry at Mahjong News here, or the event's Facebook page here.

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    Hi everyone, we thank you for promoting our first South American championship, although I would like any questions or queries about the tournament to the following mail Besides warning that we are working on the online registration for the tournament.

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    Hi everyone, We have new news regarding the South American mahjong riichi championship, and it is already enabled the sale of tickets to participate in this first mahjong tournament made in South America. Then we leave the lick where they can buy your ticket. Http://

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