The finalists gather for a picture after the game.

LOS ANGELES - This past President’s Day Weekend, the mahjong dojo Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong (LAPOM) with the help of the Pacific Mahjong League (PML) presented the first Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong Championship. 28 players from all over the world participated, with players coming from far and wide to play, one from Denver, Colorado, one Providence, Rhode Island, and even a player from Australia! The tournament used the World Riichi Championship rules and automatic tables, two of which were AMOS REXX.

LAPOM members (Junko, Kenji, Shisho, Masa, Omi-san) were very organized and were attentive to players throughout the whole tournament, updating a scoreboard with the players’ names and rankings after each hanchan as well answering any and all questions. PML founder Kira Nebilak brought her own special riichi mahjong tournament scoring software while Southern California PML organizer Ryan Gan emcee’d and recorded scores.

The event was catered with bentos and sandwiches for lunch, so players could fully focus on their games. On the first night of the tournament, some players went out with the LAPOM and PML members for a no host all you could eat (and believe me, we did eat a lot!) Korean BBQ dinner across the street from the dojo. Much fun and camaraderie was had. What also marked this tournament was a closed circuit broadcast of the finals where each hand was displayed as well as a camera suspended over the table which displayed the discarded tiles. Tournament players watched the finals from another room which made for a unique experience.

LAPOM Championship Finals (Riichi, No MERS), Los Angeles

1 Teppei Noguchi 1260
2 Anthony To 1184
3 Masahiro Tsuruta 1058
4 Bichen Wang 976
5 Kenyu Hayashi 838
6 Mike Sudano 200
7 Sylvain Royer 718
8 Aruto Kurosaki 367
9 Terry Kurobe 790
10 Shigeko Tsuruta 639
11 Joey Vuyou 550
12 Wolfram Poh 340
13 Tom Riedel 196
14 Ruriko Duer 126
15 Shuji Komai -15
16 Yutaka Taketa -159
17 Rachel Halperin -203
18 Lawrence Liem -207
19 Daniel Pascua -314
20 Nicholas Vachon -467
21 Kenta Kitada -489
22 Chizu Ookawa -632
23 Takashi Masui -697
24 Jason Han -718
25 Akihiro Iwasaki -995
26 Kazuki Tada -1243
27 Yohei Fujimoto -1432
28 Koichi Tanaka -2131


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