(left to right) Winner Juraj Móza, Bartosz Żuk, Mateusz Woźniak

KATOWICE, Poland - Juraj Móza wins the first "Upper Silesian Riichi Mahjong Championships" (no RERS), scoring 131,000 points. Bartosz Żuk finishes in second position with 117,900 points, and third place goes to Mateusz Woźniak with 108,700 points.

It was the second time Katowice based riichi club 'USMA Górnośląski Związek Madżonga' ('Upper Silesian Mahjong Association') in the south of Poland organized a tournament, and like the first, it was a smashing success. In total twenty contestants (fifteen Polish, four Japanese and one Slovak participant) went head to head over the course of two days and played seven hanchan by alternative riichi rules, which is common practice for the 'Upper Silesian Mahjong Association'. Instead of using tenbo (scoring sticks) players made use of an app on a mobile phone to inform them of the current score.

Slovak Juraj Móza ended the first day of play with a comfortable lead of 80,000 points and even though his opponents put up a tough fight the next day, he managed to keep his top position.

Tournament in progress; Juraj Móza (second left) looks at ease, already tasting victory...

Final Results of the Upper Silesian Riichi Mahjong Championships (Riichi, no RERS), Katowice

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Juraj Móza SVK 131000
2 Bartosz Żuk POL 117900
3 Mateusz Woźniak POL 108700
4 Dan Sekigawa JAP 69500
5 Marta Binkowska POL 64800
6 Yuichi Koike JAP 62000
7 Roman Powęzka POL 47500
8 Katarzyna Chabelska POL 33100
9 Tatsuya Igarashi JAP 17400
10 Masahiro Hamamoto JAP 1100
11 Dawid Granat POL -14900
12 Jakub Bacic POL -18300
13 Łukasz Grzybowski POL -21400
14 Tomasz Powęzka POL -38400
15 Natalia Buła POL -76500
16 Miłosz Meller POL -76600
17 Marzena Grzybowska POL -86100
18 Olga Igarashi POL -96600
19 Daria Frydrychowicz POL -120800
20 Jacek Grzybowski POL -155400


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