Podium Ostrava; Juraj Móza showing off his huge trophy (photo credit: Lenka Raková)

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic - Juraj Móza, victor at the Katowice tournament last July, wins the first edition of the "Ostrava Riichi Open" (RERS1), scoring 102,200 points. Runner up is Rafał Baranowski with 97,600 points, and Marta Binkowska comes in third, with 54,300 points.

In total twenty-eight participants from three different countries (four nationalities) played four hanchan, while scores were recorded by the "Mahjong Tracker" app, which is currently the preferred way of keeping track of points in Poland. Salient detail is the hand runner up Rafał Baranowski scored in the last hanchan: Shou Suushii (Little Four Winds) combined with Rinshan kaihou (After a Kong): Yakuman. 

Joint Venture

It was the first time in the history of the EMA two assocations from different countries collaborated to organize an EMA certified event: the Polish 'USMA Górnośląski Związek Madżonga' ('Upper Silesian Mahjong Association'), presided over by Łukasz Grzybowski, and the 'Ceská Asociace Mahjongu' ('Czech Mahjong Association') joined forces to host the first "Ostrava Riichi Open". Ostrava, located fifteen kilometres from the border with Poland, is the third largest city in the Czech Republic, and the largest city in Czech Silesia, straddling the border of the two historic provinces of Moravia and Silesia. Vojtěch Trmal, Chairman of the 'Czech Mahjong Association', looks back on a successful project: "Our joint venture was fun, full of friendly atmosphere for participants. [...] Personally I am looking forward to further cooperation."

Referee seminar

The tournament was not the only riichi venture that took place in Ostrava this weekend. With the recent rise in riichi mahjong clubs in Poland, and a steady increase in the number of members of existing Polish clubs, there's a desperate need for resident referees. In order to fill that need, Slovak Daniel Široň and Polish Piotr Powalowski, both EMA certified riichi referees, held an EMA approved referee seminar. Eight eager players attended; five of them (organizer Łukasz Grzybowski, one player of the Warsaw crew and three from Poznań) passed the test and are now ready to take up the honorable task of acting as (non-playing) referees at EMA tournaments.

The crew from co-host 'Upper Silesian Mahjong Association' (photo credit: Lenka Raková)

Final Results of the Ostrava Riichi Open 2017 (RCR, RERS1), Ostrava

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Juraj Móza SVK 102200
2 Rafał Baranowski POL 97600
3 Marta Binkowska POL 54300
4 Katarzyna Chabelska POL 42600
5 Tomasz Powęzka POL 40000
6 Miłosz Meller POL 36500
7 Jakub Bacic POL 29400
8 Daniel Široň SVK 28900
9 Małgorzata Rutkowska POL 28600
10 Piotr Powałowski POL 19200
11 Dan Sekigawa POL 18900
12 Tomas Široň SVK 14100
13 Łukasz Grzybowski POL 11600
14 Roman Powęzka POL 7900
15 Dmytro Sakhno POL 6400
16 Petr Bajgar CZE 3500
17 Lenka Raková CZE -15400
18 Tatsuya Igarashi POL -20900
19 Masahiro Hamamoto POL -28100
20 Filip Navratil CZE -37400
21 Daria Frydrychowicz POL -38600
22 Radka Pernicová CZE -39500
23 Tomasz Dwojacki POL -48600
24 Paweł Polański POL -50900
25 Olga Igarashi POL -56100
26 Vojtěch Trmal CZE -96000
27 Lukáš Bílek CZE -110700
28 Substitute player   -120000


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