(left to right) Tatsuya Igarashi (3rd), Tomasz Powęzka (1st), Lenka Raková (2nd), Paweł Kruk (photo credit: Dan Sekigawa)

DĄBROWA GÓRNICZA, Poland - Tomasz Powęzka wins the "Dąbrowa Riichi Open 2018" (no RERS), the first riichi tournament in the Dąbrowa Basin Region in southern Poland, scoring 53,000 points. Second place goes to Lenka Raková with 52,000 points, and third to Tatsuya Igarashi scoring 50,300 points.

Ever since its humble beginnings the 'USMA Górnośląski Związek Madżonga' ('Upper Silesian Mahjong Association'/'USMA') in the south of Poland has been working vigorously on introducing interested parties in the Upper Silesian region (including the Czech part) to the Japanese mahjong style. Aiming to develop and improve mahjong skills they've managed to increase the number of members of their headquarters in Katowice, while founding clubs in Polish cities Piekary Śląskie, Rybnik, Opole, including Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Currently they're in the process of starting up clubs in Bielsko (POL) and Sosnowiec (POL).

First Dąbrowa Basin tournament

Additionally the 'USMA' is active in Upper Silesian's neighbouring region of Dąbrowa Basin, where sixteen participants from four clubs (crews from Kalisz, Rzeszów and two crews from 'USMA') wrote history by battling in four hanchan during the very first riichi tournament in the area. It was also the first time 'USMA' members could show off their new club uniforms. As is common practice for 'USMA' participants played by league rules which honor additional yaku and handle situations like chombo/dead hand in a slightly different manner than the EMA rule set, and scores where kept using the 'Mahjong Tracker' app. Even though tournament winner Tomasz Powęzka scored the highest hand (sanbaiman: honitsu dabunan chun dora7), it was Kruk Paweł, the leader of the Rzeszów Club, who managed to claim the prize for the highest hanchan. Interesting side note: prior to the event Tatsuya Igarashi, who was awarded the infamous towel at the "Dragon Owl Riichi Contest 2017" in Bielawa, spent three weeks in Japan playing in jansou (mahjong parlors) to improve his game.

Tournament overview; Tatsuya Igarashi is feeling confident about claiming a place on the podium (photo credit: Olga Igarashi)

Final Results of the Dąbrowa Riichi Open 2018 (Riichi, no RERS), Dąbrowa Górnicza

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Tomasz Powęzka POL 53000
2 Lenka Raková CZE 52000
3 Tatsuya Igarashi POL 50300
4 Dan Sekigawa POL 44600
5 Paweł Kruk POL 36800
6 Jolanta Liberska – Adamczewska POL 28100
7 Radosław Jangas POL 22400
8 Roman Powęzka POL 17900
9 Olga Igarashi POL 14700
10 Łukasz Grzybowski POL -10800
11 Petr Bajgar CZE -15900
12 Daria Frydrychowicz POL -19400
13 Cezary Przeczek POL -27700
14 Marzena Grzybowska POL -38700
15 Jacek Grzybowski POL -98000
16 Bartłomiej Żok POL -98200


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