(left to right) Martha Pasterkamp (2nd), Ingrid Broeder (1st), Bert Claessen (3rd) (photo credit: 'Anpai')

BERGHEM, The Netherlands - MCR veteran Ingrid Broeder blossoms at the seventh edition of "Sakura Taikai" (RERS) scoring 139,600 points and taking first prize. "Valentine Tournament" winner Martha Pasterkamp is runner-up scoring 127,800 points, while Bert Claessen, one of the strongest all-round players in the Netherlands, secures the third place with 97,000 points.

"Sakura Taikai" ("Cherry Blossom Tournament"), hosted by recently founded riichi mahjong club 'Anpai', is the second riichi event on the Dutch 2018 tournament calendar, and even though foreign participation is rare in these tournaments, a staggering number of forty-six Dutch, one Belgian and one German player signed up. Besides the 'in-crowd' there were a few fresh faces, and several players who abandoned the riichi tournament circuit years ago made their re-entrance. The reason is plain as day: since the Dutch Mahjong Association will assign their EMA appointed seats in the upcoming "European Riichi Mahjong Championship 2019" in stunning 's-Hertogenbosch in accordance with the 2018 national ranking the Dutch are more eager than ever before to enroll in national tournaments. All Dutch players have the opportunity to compete in six national tournaments under auspices of the Dutch Mahjong Association (three EMA tournaments/three non-EMA events), however only so-called 'competitive players' (as opposed to 'recreational players' who pay a smaller membership fee to the Dutch Mahjong Association) are included in the national ranking. In order to create this ranking players' four highest scores of said six national tournaments are added up.


Club founders John Kuijpers and Foppe Bakker, excited their brainchild hosted its first EMA certified event, provide some background information on 'Anpai': "Riichi Club Anpai was established in 2017. The name Anpai means “safe tile” and refers to defensive Riichi tactics, which Anpai strives to promote and train for. The club currently has 19 members and comes together every week to play. The club also facilitates Riichi Club Niji [which translates into 'rainbow', ed.], a club that has 39 members all over The Netherlands and only plays at the homes of their members." Reflecting on the tournament: "The first hanchan was for Pauline van der Linden with 41,000 points. The second hanchan was for Jacqueline Oudshoorn with 52,200. The third hanchan was for Robert Bodde with 41,000. After the third hanchan the top of the list was Ingrid Broeder at the first place and Cees van den Brink at the second place. The fourth hanchan was again for Pauline van der Linden with 41,100. Before the 5th hanchan the top of the list was Ingrid Broeder first, Pauline van der Linden second and Bert Claessen third. Everybody was focused at the top three of the list, but surprisingly out of nowhere came Martha Pasterkamp with 78,000 points at the last hanchan and finished at the second place. Bert Claessen with a good score at the 5th hanchan ended at the third place."

Tournament overview (photo credit: 'Anpai')

Final results of Sakura Taikai 2018 (RCR, RERS), Berghem

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Ingrid Broeder NLD 139600
2 Martha Pasterkamp NLD 127800
3 Bert Claessen NLD 97000
4 Anneke Keyl NLD 83300
5 Ans Hoogland NLD 71600
6 Angelique Delfsma NLD 70000
7 Cor Hoogland NLD 65600
8 Manuel Schlich GER 63100
9 Cees van den Brink NLD 58000
10 Sonja Meulendijk NLD 57100
11 Martijn Gulmans NLD 56500
12 Pauline van der Linden NLD 49500
13 Leni Janssen NLD 40800
14 John Kuijpers NLD 37700
15 Reylly Brands NLD 30500
16 Janco Onnink NLD 25200
16 Nino Aringaneng NLD 25200
18 Dennis Boekstaaf NLD 24200
19 Eveline Broers NLD 22000
20 Yvonne van der Heide NLD 18100
21 Marianne Croeze NLD 17700
22 Jaap Croeze NLD 15400
23 Ad van der Linden NLD 6100
24 Mattheu van Oorsouw NLD -2900
25 Dimphy van Grinsven NLD -3500
26 Sjef Strik NLD -6800
27 Gerda van Oorschot NLD -12600
28 Janny van der Meer NLD -15300
29 Anneke Bakker NLD -26800
30 Menno Deij – van Rijswijk NLD -28400
31 Trees Meijer NLD -35400
32 Ria van der Putten NLD -35600
33 Jacqueline Oudshoorn NLD -35700
34 Joop Krijgsman NLD -43300
35 Nel Hofman NLD -46700
36 Olav Sommers NLD -49700
37 Robert Bodde NLD -50000
38 Tine Weckhuyzen BEL -51700
39 Janine van Wijk NLD -53100
40 Hanneke Morel NLD -62300
41 Annemiek Mallee NLD -62500
42 Martin Rep NLD -65600
43 Gert van der Vegt NLD -85800
44 Desirée Heemskerk NLD -95500
45 Jinbi Jin NLD -98200
46 Foppe Bakker NLD -100600
47 Harry Kal NLD -103800
48 Yvonne Heemskerk NLD -105200


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