Riichi Tournaments
(from left) Philipp Martin (3rd), Marcus Völker (1st), Ilya Monakov (2nd), Matthias Trinkle (photo credit: Ratka Pernicova)

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - Similar to "Perm2018" and "Tribuswinkel2017" organizer Ratka Pernicova and her team from Prague hosted a three-day event to determine the victor of the "Prague Riichi Championship 2018" (RERS). During eleven hanchan German player Marcus Völker wielded his superiority allowing only twice an adversary to top the interim ranking. Russian Ilya Monakov secures the second place, while Philipp Martin from Germany takes third.

As to be expected this year's lustrum edition had no trouble attracting international participation, and numerous high profile players registered.

Winner Marcus Völker reflects on the event: "It was a lovely tournament. The atmosphere was as friendly as ever and we had the opportunity for social play or just socialising on all three days in a nearby pub. I thought that giving out a can of beer for the winner or loser (switching every round) of each table was a very fun idea, and I certainly didn't mind the keg I won with my first place either. The food provided for lunch was excellent as well. The few minor problems, such as the slightly cramped room, didn't stop the enjoyment of the game. Overall, I'd recommend anybody who is able to attend Prague tournaments, because they have been of a consistently high quality the four years I've been there."

Battlefield: 'Board Games Club Paluba'

Final results of the Prague Riichi Open Championship 2018 (RCR, RERS), Prague

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Marcus Völker DEU 180700
2 Ilya Monakov RUS 122400
3 Philipp Martin DEU 72000
4 Joe-Calberson Huyn FRA 70400
5 Andrey Elshankin RUS 68500
6 Sheila Hansen DNK 66700
7 Michael Donaghy GBR 56600
8 Julien Fouques FRA 56400
9 Daniel Široň SVK 54900
10 Manuel Schlich DEU 37100
11 Désirée Heemskerk NDL 35700
12 Markus Kruse DEU 23500
13 Sergey Petrushchenko RUS 22600
14 Dmitry Sirotkin RUS 21800
15 Ratka Pernicova CZE -5500
16 René Khezam NDL -6500
17 Juraj Jerguš SVK -8100
18 Eigo Kawatani DNK -8800
19 Jesper Nøhr DNK -9000
20 Waldemar Laube DEU -11000
21 Francesca Battaglini ITA -24300
22 Oxana Vyshivannaya RUS -24500
23 Stefanie Kammer DEU -37800
24 David Hoskovec CZE -81500
25 Tomáš Široň SVK -82500
26 Michael van der Sluijs NDL -88100
27 Carrie Divis CZE -90900
28 Marco Rappe DEU -93000
29 Vojtěch Trmal CZE -94600
30 Danilo Serio ITA -100700
31 Filip Návrátil CZE -101500
32 Matthias Trinkle AUT -119000


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