During morning coffee, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are reading "MahjongNews" on their tablet PCs about the recently held MCR Championship of London.

"The championship took place without any incidents," reads Watson, "not counting two appeals from Mrs. Hudson, who was able to get first place! Remarkably, both appeals relate to the same rule; paragraph 1.9. of  MERS Tournament Regulations - Mahjong Competition Rules".  After Mrs. Hudson's convincing arguments, the judge ruled both times in her favor.

SherlockTileOur foursome, Holmes, Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and Inspector Lestrade are playing mahjong at 221-B Baker Street. At some point, Mrs. Hudson, looking at her next tile (drawn or claimed) says to herself, "I can make 4 of the 5 possible declarations with this one tile," and then she announces loudly to everyone "Hu!"


This mystery contains several questions under the topic of “Discards”. Common to all the questions – mahjong is declared. The zone of interest is in the discard zone, and the circumstances are all according to the MCR rules.

Sherlock wormInvertebrates

Before attending her scheduled evening game of mahjong at 221-B Baker Street, Mrs. Hudson tried to escape from her daily worries. She went to the nearest library and found an atlas describing the animal kingdom. While browsing this text, she especially liked the section on invertebrates -- sponges, worms, insects, etc.

Sherlock Holmes Desk

Today’s mystery is not a mahjong problem per se, but instead it relates to “Math-Jong” – math around game of mahjong.

The date of our story is March 8th. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson and Inspector Lestrade are sitting at Baker Street 221 B and playing mahjong. They are arguing about what it means to be a high quality player and what it means to be a high-level tournament player.