The popular Sherlock Holmes Mysteries now are an even greater challenge for the visitors of Mahjong News. In our new series, you cannot only try and solve the mysteries written by Vitaly Novikov, but you can also compete against each other. Who is the first to solve a new mystery? Who is the smartest in solving the additional questions, for advanced detectives? In short: who will win the title of Mahjong Mystery Solver number one?

SherlockDear readers, today’s item is a para-mahjong Sherlock Holmes joke. Don’t try too hard to solve it!

A new Sherlock Holmes mystery!

The great detective returned with tobacco and looked at the 15-different fan solution (see 15-fan-solution) shown by Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson.

altDr. Watson returned tired to Baker Street 221 B after he had played soccer. Refusing to play mahjong, he went straight to bed.

The next morning, he told Sherlock Holmes and Mrs. Hudson about a very strange dream he had had, a mixture of soccer and mahjong.

Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson are sitting in the lounge at Baker Street 221 B.

Holmes asks Dr. Watson: “There are 81 fans in MCR rules. It is very interesting how many different fans one can place in a winning hand.”