altIt's holiday time. The whole European mahjong world is looking at Mestre in Italy, where the European championship will take place.

Sherlock Holmes will take a little holiday as well. Before that, Mahjong News presents a Sherlock Holmes mahjong story. No solution required - just fun to read.



Dr. Watson was reading an article in “Mahjong News” about the MCR London championship.
“At the last championship something incredible happened. Professor Moriarty being East has managed to win with a hand containing 88 points fan, just from the start, with no help of the wall or opponents.”

SherlockMrs. Hudson does not get tired setting new mahjong records. When she cannot make one herself, she asks Sherlock Holmes for one.

SherlockWhile Sherlock Holmes and dr. Watson were out for some affairs, Mrs. Hudson was cleaning the apartment. She came to the table with two mahjong sets. Suddenly, something happened and several tiles from both sets  dropped to the floor.

Last week, Mrs. Hudon set a record - this week, she sets another. A question for you - and one for other experts!