LONDON - Before a traditional game at 221 B Baker Street, there is a mahjong class. Mrs. Hudson is asking Sherlock Holmes:

"If a complete hand allows multiple ways to score, what is the appropriate way to manage that?"

"According to the "Green Book", after a player declares "Hu", the player should clearly do several things: brake hand into sets with valid a hand structure, indicate clearly which set will be formed with the winning tile, and then score their fan.

Let's consider some interesting hand. Imagine that the player declares "Hu" on his 10th turn with this concealed hand:

winning on discarded .

How to best score this hand? Please note, there are several ways to structure the hand to answer the above stated question.

Question: Please, provide all possible variants of scoring this hand's value (list all fan for the relevant structures).

Note: Two or three correct variants will be scored for , four or more correct variants will be scored for .



Prizes generously provided by the publishers of Mahjong Collector Magazine, and by Holiday Mahjong Online.