Holmes, Watson, Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson are playing mahjong game. Today's game is special because our foursome decided to determine the best player of the season. Whoever wins the game will be named as best player. In case of shared winners, a new game will be played.

Before the last deal, the score looked strange and funny: all three gentlemen have +18 points while Mrs. Hudson has -54 points. At this point time, all the gentleman are willing to win by any means.

Prizes generously provided by the publishers of Mahjong Collector Magazine, and by Holiday Mahjong Online.

At some points of time gentlemens' hands looked similar:

  • Holmes --  with one tile in his hand,
  • Watson --  with one tile in his hand,
  • Lestrade --  with one tile in his hand,
  • Mrs. Hudson has declared two chows so far.

In other words, all gentlemen have as the main fan of their hand a 16-points fan consisting of three pure chows shifted by step one, two or three. Everybody can be waiting for any tile since 18 points are already within the respective melded sets.

Since the lady is 72 points away, then the strategy of each gentlemen was, beside simply winning the game and the title of best player, to not not give mahjong to another gentlemen. It was Lestrade who chose to deal a "safe" discard directly into Mrs. Hudson's "Hu".

Question 1 (): Please, provide Mrs. Hudson's hand (both melded and concealed parts) under two conditions:

  • her hand has a 3-sided wait leading to a hand containing a 16-points fan, and consisting of three pure chows shifted strictly by step one for one waiting tile, by step two for the other waiting tile and by step three for the third waiting tile.
  • her winning hand contains a "Tile Hog" of .

Question 2 (): Who won the game?