Question 1 (): Please, provide Mrs. Hudson hand (both melded and concealed parts) under two conditions:

  • her hand has a 3-sided wait leading to a hand containing a 16-points fan, and consisting of three pure chows shifted strictly by step one for one waiting tile, by step two for the other waiting tile and by step three for the third waiting tile,

  • her winning hand has "Tile Hog" of .

Question 2 (): Who won the game?

Answer: Mrs. Hudson hand: melded -- , concealed -- . It is waiting for:

  •  -- for three pure chows shifted by step three,
  •  -- for three pure chows shifted by step two,
  •  -- for three pure chows shifted by step one.

Winning hand is scored:

  • Full Flush -- 24 points.
  • three pure chows shifted either by step one, or by step two or by step three -- 16 points,
  • All Chows -- 2 points,
  • Tile Hog -- 2 points,
  • (optional, only for  or ) Short Straight -- 1 points.

Totally (guaranteed) -- 24+16+2+2=44 points.

Final Score is:

  • Mrs. Hudson -- -54+44+24=+14 points,
  • Holmes / Watson -- +18-8=+10 points,
  • Lestrade -- +18-44-8=-34 points.

The best player of a Season is Mrs. Hudson since she won the game.


Prizes generously provided by the publishers of Mahjong Collector Magazine, and by Holiday Mahjong Online.