The fourth season of the Sherlock Mahjong Mysteries Solving Contest is over. The winner is French mahjong player, president of the club "Fleur d'Orchidée" Cyrille Rak.

As the matter of fact, the winner of the contest was selected out of four players who all had acquired full scores by using additional criteria -- "timestamp"; the exact time of sending in the full solution. Cyrille's timestamp was ahead of the runner-up by several hours. Being first for the last mystery is not the matter of luck though, admits the author of contest and it's administrator Vitaly Novikov.

"Cyrille was the fastest mystery solver in the majority of cases, six out of ten to be exact, and in two more he was the second. Thus it is fair that the final prize went to him".

We asked Cyrille to make comments on how did he participate in contest, what did he like in it, what was difficult to solve. Here is Cyrille's reply:

"During this contest I had to face new situations about mahjong and I had to think about mahjong in a different way. When reading a new mystery, my first reaction was often "it's not possible!", then "let's analyze this logically" and then finally "that's elementary my dear Vitaly."

I have appreciate the variety of the different mysteries, with a preference for those related to game play (even if it was extreme situations that we'll probably never face in a real game).

Some mysteries took me just a few minutes to solve ("Invertebrates" for example). And I had to search much longer for others (#5,7,10).

Maybe it could be interesting to find something else than timestamp for ties. For example, in mystery #10, one extra point could have been awarded for the longest chain.

Best regards

We congratulate once again Cyrille Rak and all the winners of the contest.

And, let's wish mysteries' author Vitaly Novikov to keep himself busy for this year while prepare new mysteries for the next contest.