Alessia Cosmo silhouetted by the setting sun.

ITALY - From today there will be a big gap in both Italian and international tournaments. Our piccola grande Alessia left us too soon, and we can only shed a tear and remember the many beautiful moments that passed between us all together.

Last of these moments being the European Championship of Povoa for which she pulled off qualifying during the last available race. A right and friendly player, she did not miss an opportunity to participate in an international tournament for the taste of traveling and being together with friends around the table. She also participated in several tournaments outside of Europe, representing Italy in South Korea, Japan and also China.

All FIMJ and MN friends salute you warmly.

- Italian Federation of Mah Jong (FIMJ), and the staff of Mahjong News (MN)

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  • Guest - KC Low

    My condolences. I have met her a few times in Japan, Jeju, OEMC.

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