Allan and Lila Weitz posing with dear friends Dee and Phil Gallo

KIRKLAND, Quebec, Canada - Santa was good to us this year. We include three photos of mahjong highlights. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year.

This August, Lila and I attended the annual Madison Bouckville Antique Week in New York state. We have attended regularly over the years, but this year was extra special. We spent a beautiful sunny afternoon with our dear friends Dee and Phil Gallo. Dee and Phil are special people and Lila and I treasure the time that the four of us spend together. Please visit Dee's website:

Joe Scales (left) and Allan Weitz share a passion for mahjong.

Lila and I started our mahjong adventure twenty years ago.  We knew very little about the game or anyone connected to it. The first book we bought was "Maloney's Resource Directory".  Listed in the book under "Mahjong" was one name "Joe Scales" of Rocklin, California.  I wrote him a letter and he responded with information that led us to Jim May, Kyoichiro Naguchi, and the rest of the mahjong world. Over the years, Joe and I kept in touch by  phone and email. This past May, Joe flew in from California to visit with us. We finally met at the airport, Joe, in a wheelchair with his foot in a cast following surgery. Despite his handicap. Joe, Lila and I had a great time going through our collection and recounting stories about our mahjong adventures. We hope to meet with Joe again next year.

There are many fine mahjong websites on the internet. One of the top sites is the work of another dear friend, Michael Stanwick of Great Britain. Michael is the top mahjong historian and researcher. He has published many groundbreaking articles on the origins of mahjong and is the leading authority. His website, started in 2004, is a must see for anyone interested in things mahjong. Michael shares his website with another friend of mine Tony Watson, an expert in refinishing and repairs of tiles and boxes. Tony's article on Mahjong tile material is also a must read. Michael also shares his website with three other people, Garland Price, another dear friend, and Lila and I. The three  of us display part of our collections.  Please visit Michael's website: Place your cursor in the navigation bar on the top of the page and hover over "PRIVATE COLLECTIONS".   I hope that you will enjoy the entire website.

Friends, Lila and I are sorry to inform you that Phil Gallo passed away in his sleep during the night of October 31. His long difficult journey is complete. May he rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to Dee who was his guiding light throughout his tribulation.

For each thorn, there's a rose bud

For each twilight- a dawn

For each trial- the strength to carry on

For each stom cloud- a rainbow

For each shadow- the sun

For each parting- sweet memories

When sorrow is done. -Ralph Waldo Emerson


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